The alternative way to manage your family’s healthcare whilst being the best mum you can be.

As we leave the most unique summer in memory, we move into uncertain autumn – flu season begins and it’s the time of year we generally tend to get sick. With most of us already feeling cautious about a visit to the GP surgery for ourselves and our children, how can we ensure that we stay on top of our healthcare to stay fighting-fit going into autumn and winter?

And as the nights grow longer and we look to maximise productivity in our shortening days, how can we ensure healthcare is something which fits around us?

Healthy Parents Make Happy Children

The price of being “World’s Best Mum”: Our constant push to provide the greatest life opportunities for our children is often to the detriment of our own wellbeing – whether it’s lack of sleep, poor diet or burn out, it’s a fate we accept as part of being a parent.

If we don’t address potential medical problems then it’s our children who will feel the effects

Understanding body nutrients: Whilst the answer to not getting enough sleep may be obvious, the reason for feeling tired, getting headaches or anxiety is not. Body nutrients levels will drop dramatically post-pregnancy, and it’s important to get these back up to a super-human level to enable us to keep up with our kids.

Balancing our health with our time: If we don’t address potential medical problems then it’s our children who will feel the effects. Balancing the scales of where you spend your time and attention is weighted towards your child from the moment you become pregnant, but we must find time in our hectic lives to self-love.

Taking our health into our own hands: The most time-efficient and comprehensive way to ensure you’re full of the good stuff is to get a full nutrients profile, and then if required adjust your diet, exercise and supplements according to the results. Jumping on the bandwagon of the latest health trends won’t do any harm, it just isn’t a targeted plan bespoke to you.

The difference between being tired and being unwell

Nutritional deficiency is common amongst mothers but is something often overlooked as tiredness when it follows the single greatest physical and mental achievement of your life. Common signs of a nutrient deficiency include:

  • Pale skin
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Feeling faint
  • Depression
  • Numbness or tingling in your joints
  • Poor concentration
  • Menstrual issues, such as missed periods or very heavy cycles

Nutritional Deficiency: How Do I Check Myself?

A blood test is the most effective way to check nutrients levels in our bodies. A simple Full Blood Count test will check the basics, however if you want to dig deeper for a full body analysis, then a full nutritional and vitals test, such as the Well Woman Profile from VisitHealth, will test for indicators of much more including cholesterol; liver and kidney functionality; blood clotting or inflammation disorders; metabolism; thyroid; electrolyte balance; and glucose levels.

As mums, our calendars are already bursting at the seams – so where is there time for healthcare appointments?

A blood test appointment takes only a few minutes, and results for both Full Blood Count and Well Woman Profile tests can be delivered the next day…if you choose the right healthcare provider.

Is it Safe to Visit My Doctor’s GP Surgery?

Blood tests are simple procedures and carry extremely low risks. However, in this new COVID-world we are told to avoid unnecessary social gatherings.

If you have serious health concerns then visiting a GP surgery is of course the correct thing to do, however for simple tests and procedures which are easily done in the comfort of our home, sitting in a doctor’s waiting room with potentially sick people feels like an irresponsible action for the wellbeing of our family.

Nutritional Deficiency Tests At Home

In a word, yes. There are two options for at-home testing – venous blood test where a sample is taken by a healthcare professional (what you get at the hospital or doctor surgery), and finger prick testing which is done yourself.

Finger prick testing is becoming more and more popular as an easy and cheap way for us to stay out of GP surgeries. However, samples are easily spoiled, leaving the results void. “Milking” your finger for extra blood and scraping it on the edge of the tube can burst red blood cells, spoiling your entire sample.

Our preferred option is at-home venous blood testing. If this is the way your doctor takes blood, then it’s a sure sign that it’s probably the best way. The right amount of blood will be taken to perform the test and any blood withdrawal issues will be spotted immediately so that another sample can be taken. With VisitHealth, a professional medic simplifies the entire process by coming to your home and enabling the blood test to fit around your life, avoiding the typical dilemma of planning your day around a GP appointment.

Should I Be Worried About Covid-19 With At-Home Healthcare?

At VisitHealth, all staff follow very strict Covid-19 guidelines as set out by Public Health England, with rigorous screening.

During the visit to your home, the medic wears a mask and will social distance when possible. Before Covid-19, there were already strict practices in place for sanitising nurses and surfaces and wearing antibacterial gloves to avoid any contamination, which now go even further.

A blood test is a quick procedure with limited social contact time. Medics can be in and out of your home within 15-minutes.

Same-Day Appointments for Busy Schedules

As mums, our calendars are already bursting at the seams – so where is there time for healthcare appointments? Empowering mums with a full bill of health to care for their children is why VisitHealth has the comprehensive Well Woman Profile. Such a wide array of diagnostics would not be offered by the NHS, and certainly wouldn’t be offered at a time to fit our schedules.

Same-day and short-notice appointments are the most convenient ways to fit a blood test into your diary. And even better is the next day results! That is what VisitHealth offers and why 100% of ratings on TrustPilot are 5*.

Take Control of Your Health and Your Time

You want to be the best mum you possibly can be, and to do this you must first be the best version of yourself. Start by empowering yourself with knowledge of your body’s health with simple Full Blood Count and Well Woman Profile blood tests, then use the results to shape your path forward to becoming the best version of yourself.

Don’t let the healthcare needs of you and your family become a stress factor during these uncertain times where you want to avoid unnecessary social contact – choose a safer option of healthcare at home.

And finally, refuse to allow your precious time as a mother to be dictated by medical appointments. Learn more about the full range of blood and functional tests available at your home, with same-day appointments and results at VisitHealth.London.