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We have previously written about the perfect bedtime for your child. So we were delighted to try  this amazing Lunii Fabulous Storyteller.

What is Lunii – My Fabulous Stroyteller?

Let me describe what this little turquoise box/device with yellow buttons is all about. First of all, it is a small rectangular box that is very light and easy to take with you everywhere! Children are able to create their own personalised audio narrative by selecting from a range of characters such as a girl or a boy, then they select their own settings either a castle or at the sea side which is where their story will take place and then the objects they will like to have in their own story. The selection is made very easy with the yellow wheel an icon appears on the box which makes it visually easier to select what they want as they can see the image Illuminated on the box. Then off it goes, the bespoke audio story starts being narrated. This helps develop children’s imagination and creativity hence their vocabulary. In addition Lunii has created a library of over 1,500 unique stories that can be uploaded onto the device. They really thought it very well out as you can select from 9 different languages catering to different children that speak other languages as well.

Screen –Free Activity

Nowadays more than ever, due to the lockdown situation we are all going through, I am always looking for screen-free ways for my son to be entertained, and the Lunii Fabulous Storyteller is just that. Being so easy to operate, it did not take too long for my son to learn how to turn it on and off, select what he wanted, and even pause it. The fact the battery lasts for quite a long time and takes just a couple of hours to recharge is also very convenient. I enjoyed as much as my little one listening to the stories loaded on the device.  We use it during the day as we are eating our breakfast and also sometimes we even play a story whilst doing our daily crafts since we are in lockdown due to the current situation and it add another twist to our daily activities we do at this stay at home time. Allowing my son to develop even further his creative thinking skills.  We also are creating our bedtime story as there is a collection of bedtime stories and also they have a meditation collection available to further help relax both children and parents so they can unwind as well and explore mindfulness.  When we are all tucked in and ready to go to sleep – we start selecting the items that will be on our next adventure before drifting away into our good night’s sleep.

Great advantages of My Fabulous Storyteller

We cant wait for this lockdown era to end as we travel quite a bit and also are on the go most of the times this will be great to have on long car rides and flights as you have the possibility to connect headphones as well as the light design and long-lasting battery will for sure be a very useful device on the go and to travel with.

What I also enjoy much is that we can listen to stories in different languages; I look forward to downloading more stories in Spanish and French as we speak both languages at home.

The Lunii Fabulous Storyteller is a wonderful addition to my son’s collection of toys. It gives him the opportunity to choose and create his own story, widens his imagination whilst not being  “glued” to a screen. I can see how much he likes his new device and how much fun he has listening to the stories.

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Product details: Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller
Product info 

Emissions free

Perfect travel companion

PriceMy Fabulous Storyteller £69.90

Octave headphones £32.95

Age range3 – 8 years
ColourAvailable in one gender neutral colour – turquoise
LanguagesStories available in 9 languages
Where to buyLunii online shop
RetailersHarrods, Selfridges, Amazon