Families Under Pressure

This extraordinary time can put even more pressure on parents. Especially now with working, home schooling and everything else that comes with it. Covid 19 has brought a whole new pressure. We feel that mothers are juggling 3 full time jobs during a 24 hours a day and thats just not possible.

We were happy to have Professor Andrea Danese, Professor in adolescent and child psychiatry from Kings College London on our Instagram Live Q&A discussing tips and recommendations for parents who are overwhelmed.






In addition to our live session and to help to ease this, Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Professor of Developmental Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, from King’s College London recognised a need for the initiative,

We are hearing that many families are struggling with restrictions. This comes as no surprise as research shows that bored and worried children are more likely to play up and cause disruption, and frustrated parents can over-react to these challenges. Very quickly, these sorts of behaviours can escalate and lead to the breakdown of relationships and exacerbation of problems.

‘The idea for Families under Pressure came when I was thinking about how my poor old mum might have coped with me in this situation, as I was quite a handful as a child. What advice would she have found helpful?  

He has formulated these simple tricks drawn from evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles for the treatment of anxiety and depression in young people. At their core is the understanding that emotions are closely intertwined with behaviours and thoughts. We can try to make small changes to the way we behave or think to modify emotions. 

These tips are featured on the www.familiesunderpressure.org website and are narrated by the recognisable voices of well-known  and loved parents including Olivia Colman, Rob Brydon, Holly Willoughby, Danny Dyer, Sharon Horgan, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Romesh Ranganathan and Shappi Khorsandi. Watch these short videos from their Youtube channel

  • TIP 1: Keeping positive and motivated 

    • TIP 2: Making sure everyone knows what’s expected of them 

    • TIP 3: Building your child’s self-confidence and trust in you 

    • TIP 4: Getting your child to follow instructions 

    • TIP 5: Promoting better behaviour 

    • TIP 6: How to limit conflict 

    • TIP 7: Keeping calm when your kids act up 

    • TIP 8: Using sanctions carefully 

    • TIP 9: How to communicate better with your child

    • TIP 10: Helping your child cope with anxiety – 

    • TIP 11: Helping your child manage negative feelings – 

    • TIP 12: How to boost positive emotions

Chief Executive of Maudsley Charity, Rebecca Gray, said: ‘Families Under Pressure brings advice from some of the UK’s leading clinical and research experts on parenting with brilliant creative partners and some of the nation’s best-loved parents. 

‘Families under Pressure’ is funded by Maudsley Charity and the National Institute for Health Research Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre.  They are based on ‘Pointers on parenting under pressure (POP-UP); Evidence-based support for families getting through difficult times”. Edmund Sonuga-Barke PhD FMedSci FBA (King’s College London) with Margaret Thompson MD PhD, Jana Kreppner PhD, Hanna Kovshoff PhD, Catherine Thompson MSc and Sam Cortese MD PhD (University of Southampton), David Daley PhD (University of Nottingham) and Johnny Downs MD PhD (King’s College London).

Head to  www.familiesunderpressure.org for more information.