4 tips on how to create the perfect bedtime for your child

Creating a relaxing bedtime routine for your little ones

Bedtime battles are a well-known evening scene for many parents, with the increased levels of children’s screen time playing a role in disrupting sleeping patterns. Yet, research has proven that disrupted sleep in young children can have a detrimental effect on their mental wellbeing and development. Maëlle Chassard from children’s brand Lunii has shared their top tips on creating a calming bedtime routine encouraging your little ones off to a peaceful night’s sleep.

  1. Create a routine
    An hour or two before bedtime rolls around, begin to encourage your little ones to unwind so they are in a natural state of relaxation and ready to go to sleep. This could include running a bath and offering a warm drink before a regular bedtime that stays within the same 1-2 hour time frame most evenings. Keeping to these regular bedtimes will mean your child will know when it’s time to begin to settle down and this will also promote regular sleep patterns within their body clock.
  2. Avoid screens
    Although it may be tempting to allow children to use screens at bedtime, keep your little one’s bedroom a screen free environment, limiting their exposure in the run up to bedtime too. The light that is emitted from such devices can supress our natural sleep hormone, melatonin, keeping a child alert and stimulated instead of ready for sleep.

3. Create a relaxing environment
It is important to create a relaxing bedtime environment to encourage children to unwind and drift off. This can be done by keeping the bedroom tidy, ensuring a low level of noise in the home and keeping a dimly lit room to encourage sleep hormones.

4. Spend time together
Use the bedtime routine as a time to spend together, this may be by having a quiet chat about your child’s day, reading a story or listening to an audio book together. Lunii’s My Fabulous Storyteller encourages families to create and listen to bespoke audio stories together, providing an opportunity to stimulate the imagination away from the screen. The meditative property of listening to stories also helps children to relax and explore mindfulness, perfect for helping little ones off to sleep.

Download Lunii’s bedtime albums: ‘Good Night Stories’ and ‘Sweet Dream Stories’ from the Luniistore to help aid your relaxing routine.