How to look and feel good?

Looking and feeling well, not ‘done’

Effective, non-invasive solutions for women

Grace Belgravia is changing the way we look at aesthetics through a new partnership with award winning clinic, River Aesthetics. Sidestepping the plethora of clinicians promising to make women look younger, firmer, glowy and gorgeous, Grace partners with GPs and aesthetic practitioners Charlotte Woodward and Victoria Manning. They share the Grace philosophy of preventative medicine, ageing well and adopting a gentle approach to achieving a youthful, healthy appearance, producing results that are natural rather than ‘done’. As with Grace, they are committed to increasing confidence and treatments are not just about aesthetics, but addressing female concerns too; the clinic is leading the way in results led vaginal rejuvenation – treating discomfort, sensitivity and appearance, to increase female confidence.

So much more than the standard aesthetics experience, take a closer look at new, innovative treatments from River Aesthetics that align with Grace Belgravia’s ethos of ageing well and preventative medicine.

Smooth, firm and lift

We all see the effects of ageing on skin – from a loss of elasticity to the emergence of fine lines and a reduction in volume, all of which can be accelerated by up to 6% around the time of the menopause. While preventative action helps hugely (a good skincare routine, regular muscle firming facials, hydrating treatments and adequate sun protection) there is a limit to what can be achieved. From late twenties onwards, collagen production (which is essential for skin regeneration) slows down, causing skin to become thinner, dryer and more prone to wrinkles and sagging. By the time we reach the menopause further changes are occurring; muscles become atrophic and contract causing fat displacement and sagging, while bone resorption and remodelling leads to volume loss and changes the overlying tissue and skin.

Where Dr Woodward and Dr Manning differentiate themselves, is in their combing of treatments for a comprehensive solution to ageing well. CoolSculpting technology might be used to breakdown fat cells under the chin for a more defined jawline, alongside dermal fillers to plump cheeks and add volume for a hydrated appearance. The signature RiverLift, which non-surgically reboots the body’s collagen production to enhance the complexion, might comprise: Silhouette Soft threads, PDO threads, Ellanse collagen stimulating dermal filler, HA dermal filler, radio frequency technology, and toxin treatment. The aim is to achieve a naturally lifted, tightened and volumised face and neck over a phased of 3-6-months – and the pair are experts at this; their award-winning clinic has appeared in Tatler, and they now train other doctors in the proper techniques. Grace Medical Clinic is committed to ageing well and promoting health and wellbeing from the inside out and River Aesthetics puts this philosophy into practice. In a single consultation with patients can address a variety of ageing concerns holistically, from hormone support, to aesthetics and skincare, urinary and pelvic floor issues.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

A number of things can affect womens’ confidence about their intimate area – both child birth and ageing significantly reduce muscle tone and laxity, which can be uncomfortable, reduce sexual

satisfaction and contribute to urinary incontinence. With this in mind, a new treatment will be introduced by River Aesthetics at Grace – one of only three places in the UK offering it. The Emsella Chair treats vaginal deterioration without any need for surgery; patients can remain fully clothed as magnetic fields exercise and rebuild the muscles of the pelvic floor using the equivalent of 11,000 voluntary contractions in a 28-minute treatment cycle.

The Emsella Chair can be combined with BTL Ultra Femme 360 which River Aesthetics have become equally renowned for. Using radio frequency energy, gentle heat is delivered to the intimate area. This encourages blood flow and in turn, improves the tone and elasticity of the vagina and labia. Toning and tightening improves appearance and sensitivity, making everyday tasks much more comfortable. Quick and painless, with very little risk of side effects, the combined treatments provide an effective solution and an easy way to regain confidence.

Each day, River Aesthetics meet clients from a variety of backgrounds; new mothers and menopausal women; Hollywood A-listers and young professionals. Each has very different needs and often, don’t know what they want – only that the end result should be a healthy appearance, improved confidence and a boost to self-esteem. Grace Medical Clinic provides a calm, safe space to have honest conversations, with expert consultations and guidance from experienced clinicians. Find out more about River Aesthetics new clinic at the Club, facial treatments, breast lifts and vaginal rejuvenation here, or contact the Club directly to arrange a consultation and start tailoring your treatment.

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