Keren’s Nursery in Holland Park

Keren’s Nursery in Holland Park is one of three Ofsted OUTSTANDING nurseries, owned and directed with passion by husband and wife team, Keren & Assaf Ben-Ezra. Starting their first nursery in their home fourteen years ago with just three children, their nurseries have evolved into unique childcare settings with a team of highly professional leaders supporting staff to nurture and teach the next generation.  They do this by creating a highly stimulating environment, which enables children to be independent and to initiate their own play and explore ideas.  “We believe in the personal touch”, explains Assaf, “We create communities!  As a result, the children feel at home”.

Keren believes that children learn through play and the activities throughout the nurseries’ daily routine are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity. The nurseries emphasize developing children’s social, creative, communication and listening skills, as well as physical and emotional development. Maths and Literacy skills develop with the child’s interests and are included every day in the curriculum. Furthermore, sensory development is a strong focus in the Nursery’s new Baby room and they provide many opportunities for babies to explore, using all of their senses. The foundation skills gained at Keren’s. “We equip children from as young as 6 months to Reception school with important life skills” guarantees Keren proudly. “We are privileged to take part in developing children’s self-esteem, identity and independence”.  In addition to an exciting curriculum, Keren’s provide extracurricular activities such as Music lessons, Yoga, Stretch and Grow, Sports and Zumba classes.

Keren’s Nurseries pride themselves on establishing strong and happy relationships between staff and children and amongst the children themselves. They form close bonds between the nursery staff and parents, constantly working on smooth communication, through newsletters, photo links, texting and emailing; each parent choosing their preferred method of communication.  Keren’s nurseries uses the “Tapestry” observation system, highly recommended by OFSTED, which gives both teachers and parents the ability to keep track of children’s progress across all seven areas of development within the Early Years Foundation Stage, the national curriculum for under-fives in the UK.  Parents receive access codes to view their children’s development at any time. Spending a full week at the nursery, with their key teachers, allows children to settle quicker and develop their confidence faster. Teachers tailor the curriculum and build children’s knowledge according to each child’s stage of development and interests.   Keren’s values the views of all staff, children, parents and other external professionals, which they consider as part of their self-evaluation process. Keren’s set continuous targets, which are regularly reviewed to maintain high standards. Children with additional needs receive exceptional one-to-one support from staff, which enable them to make rapid progress from their starting points with sensitive and professional support.

Ofsted inspectors are impressed by the strong and confident teams at Keren’s nurseries. In their last inspection report the Ofsted inspector commented that “Management and all staff are extremely committed to providing challenging, unique and memorable learning experiences for all children on a daily basis. Inspirational leadership and high aspirations empower staff to reach their full potential.”

Keren explains that the nursery teachers have become experts in helping to settle in children to the nursery who have English as an additional language or who have moved to London from other countries. Being bi-lingual herself, Keren is aware of how difficult the first few days and weeks can be.  To help children to feel at home, we use visual aids and Makaton (sign language) aids to help children to understand their new environment and support them with making transitions.

This year Keren’s Nurseries pre-school classes have started utilising the Forest School approach, allowing their children to have valuable outdoor experiences in the local parks.

Keren’s established track record ensures that children are best prepared for a successful admission into top primary schools. Nursery founder, Keren Ben-Ezra says, “We make sure that all children make progress and reach their full potential, whilst nurturing their emotional well-being.”  Children who leave Keren’s nurseries are confident, independent little learners with a thirst for knowledge.

Last but not least, each nursery has its own chef who cooks nutritious, kosher, healthy food every day. Menus are balanced so that children receive the correct amount of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables throughout the day. Keren’s nursery has been awarded a “healthy eating” award from Camden Council.

For more information please visit and to arrange a viewing of this lovely nursery, including the baby room, please contact [email protected] or phone Tina Bloch on 020 3457 8020.

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