A month by month guide to pregnancy for the family to share

Courtney Adamo and Esther van de Paal have been friends for 12 years, since the birth of their first babies in London, in 2005. As new mothers, they bonded over motherhood and the questions, concerns and joys that come with parenting. They have each gone on to have nine children between them.


They recently launched their new book: 9 Months, A month by month guide to pregnancy for the family to share. Read their interview with us here.

Can you believe that every one of us started as a tiny egg in our mummy’s belly? One tiny cell, not bigger than a speck of dust, will grow into a baby in just nine months time. In 9 months we follow this amazing process called pregnancy, and see the miracle of a creation of a new life. This is what they had to say about the book.


We already know that children love watching nature documentaries about animals and insects and how they reproduce.  Children are fascinated by these facts! For some reason, however, when it comes to the human body and reproduction, we parents become uncomfortable and try to shield our children from what is a very natural and beautiful process.

~ Courtney Adamo

“From years of experience, we’ve realised the need for a book that explains the wonders of pregnancy in a straight-forward, no nonsense way to children of all ages. 9 Months is a beautiful and accessible book that helps children understand how a baby develops and grows during pregnancy. It also aims to show children how magical, wonderful and unique the creation of human life is, making it easy to discuss pregnancy and childbirth with them.”

~ Esther van de Paal

This fun and informative way to prepare your child for the arrival of their new baby brother or sister is written by two of today’s most popular parenting bloggers, Courtney Adamo and Esther van de Paal.


  • Whilst several picture books exist to help expanding families, this is a ground-breaking non-fiction book about this pivotal and beautiful time for families, packed with facts to answer the many questions children have around the arrival of a baby .


  • Designed for sharing this book draws on the authors’ extensive real-life experience; they have 9 children between them and many years of answering “difficult” questions in a straightforward, open and sensitive manner.


  • Perfect for any family (expecting or not) who want a natural and comfortable way to discuss interesting facts about pregnancy without the need for euphemisms or abstract language.


  • Ideal for children across a wide age range; whilst the information and illustrations have been carefully presented with toddlers in mind, older children will be fascinated by the interesting facts, learning how to confidently articulate their questions and thoughts about the natural and beautiful process which is pregnancy.


  • Find out more about the book in this book trailer