Kensington Wade is making educational history

Europe’s first dual language English-Chinese School has opened its doors to its first nursery and reception pupils on Wednesday, 6th September.

Our first cohort of young pupils has been immersed in a dual language curriculum based on the very best of English and Chinese experiences, teaching half of its lessons in English and the other half in Chinese. The school, located in a brand-new building on the corner of Kensington High Street and Warwick Road in West London, boasts of a stunning roof terrace and a vast subterranean sports hall is the “brain child” of its Chairman, Professor Hugo De Burgh.

Professor De Burgh was determined to launch an Anglo-Chinese bilingual School in the UK and emulate the success of similar Chinese-English schools in the USA, with his vision of pupils flourishing in a Post-Brexit world where China has a significant influence on international affairs, business and politics. Here at Kensington Wade we are committed to preparing our pupils for leading British Independent Schools as well as provide a thorough grounding in the Chinese language and culture through our innovative curriculum model.

The Head of Kensington Wade, Mrs Jo Wallace, said: “It is extremely exciting to have the opportunity to be involved in making history, and to play such an important part in its evolution from the very beginning. I am also grateful to have such a wonderful team of staff behind me, to support the pupils and their families as we start on this remarkable journey. Our pupils are truly international; half of them have no Chinese background at all, with the other half either having one or two parents with a Chinese background. It will be fascinating to watch all of the pupils pick up the language through our fully immersive approach and I am very confident that they will quickly rise to the challenge. I will also be joining our pupils on this linguistic journey towards excellence in acquiring Mandarin. The one thing I have no doubt about is that they will quickly outsmart me, as such is the flexibility of young minds!”

Kensington Wade will be having a series of Open Days, with the first being an Open Morning on the 7th October between 10am-12pm if you would like to have a tour of the school, and find out more information. They also host a series of educational talks, where distinguished speakers talk about their thoughts and experiences on bilingualism and education.

The next event will be hosted by Nathalie Cachet-Gaujard from the China-Britain Council on the 18th October at 18:30. To register for both events, please visit

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