Kensington and Chelsea Most Popular Borough for Airbnbers Visiting London

Expert Airbnb cleaners End of Tenancy London have used in order to find out what the most searched for London boroughs are by those looking for Airbnb properties on Google UK.

Even though Kensington and Chelsea is London’s most expensive borough for Airbnb users, it is the most searched for Airbnb location in the UK’s capital. Approximately 570 people type ‘airbnb Kensington’, ‘airbnb Chelsea’ and other related terms into Google every month. Even though the borough also has the fourth most listings in London on the popular travel app, the fact that listings are, on average, £57 more expensive than in Camden and £74 costlier than in Hammersmith and Fulham, will put many people off.

Camden is the second most popular Airbnb hotspot in London with 400 searches a month. The lower price point and the similar number of listings available make Camden an attractive prospect.

Hammersmith and Fulham, Greenwich, and Islington are all searched for by 340 Brits every month but sit at different average price points. While Greenwich is not as central a location as the other two, it is £30 cheaper than Islington and £37 more affordable than Fulham. With transport links from Greenwich being well developed, this area could be a hidden gem for Airbnbers. With 1,497 properties available and similar interest levels, you won’t have as much choice as you’d be afforded in the other two boroughs.

Croydon is, perhaps surprisingly, in the top 6 most searched for London Airbnb boroughs even though it has the 3rd lowest average price overall – it is also the cheapest borough out of the 10 most popular with British Googlers. Its popularity may be justified by the high number of listings available (950) compared to other similarly priced boroughs (Bexley – 206, Barking and Dagenham – 253, Sutton – 237 etc.).

Westminster is not as popular as one might think given its central location and proximity to well-known landmarks. Every month, only 150 Brits search for Airbnb properties in Westminster. The prohibitive price probably has something to do with this lack of interest. It is the second most expensive London borough for Airbnb users but also the one offering the most listings (7,885).

Even though Tower Hamlets boasts the second highest number of listings in the UK’s capital (7,247), the demand for a property in this area is quite low – only 20 Brits ask Google to find them an Airbnb in this area. With an average property price of only £86, Tower Hamlets could prove to be a good area for those looking to Airbnb on a budget.

Richmond upon Thames only sees 40 searches per month by people looking to stay in an Airbnb in the area. With a good selection of properties available (1,098), the problem is clearly the price. It is, on average, £3 more expensive than the better located Hammersmith and Fulham, which also has almost 3,000 more available listings.

The least popular London boroughs for Airbnb tourists are Bexley, Barking and Dagenham, Brent, Haringey, Havering, Hillingdon, Lambeth, Merton, Newham, Redbridge, and Waltham Forest. These areas see less than 10 searches per month.