Happiness in a Box

How do you change your lifestyle if you are not a born eco-warrior? That’s the challenge that two working mums of 3 each decided to take on.

They launched an ethically committed concept store around the idea that eco-friendly can also rhyme with pleasure, sexy, trendy and above all Happy Families!

“Spark Joy”

Each product from their curated collection must “Spark Joy” to use an iconic catch phrase from Marie Kondo who has been an inspiration for the duo: the products must be good for you, good for the planet of our children and irresistible!

No wonder that one of their best-sellers has been the organic slow-fashion Papa Poule & Maman Poule T-shirt (it exists also in Sweat-shirt) which celebrates with humour and kindness the Latte Dads and Mummies Club. It can be personalised with the names of the little chicks (aka children). Switching to Organic Cotton has an immediate effect on both the health and the environment (and just to give you a benchmark, just one T–shirt from non organic cotton requires half a kilo of pesticides and twice more water). In addition, this collection of T-shirts is produced on demand to prevent the increasing waste problems in clothing.

Consume Less but Better

The motto of the two friends is to Consume Less but Better: “we are no sandal wearers, we don’t have a flower in our lips but we want the best for our families”. It means for them being able to choose great quality that lasts for longer, full transparency on how products are being made and by whom. One additional criterion that is important is being able to choose products that have a positive impact on the society through preserving a local savoir-faire, talent and producing in a better way.

They are particularly proud of their natural skincare and make up range, which are both natural and effective. THAOSS customers who have bought the vegan lipstick with over 80% of natural ingredients have told them that it is incredibly long lasting. They also offer a 100% natural & vegan deodorant, which gives full peace of mind.  A growing concern among health-conscious mums, especially with teenagers, is the nail varnish. Conventional ones have a formulation that has a lot in common with industrial paint. The one selected by THAOSS founders is 9-free, which means that it is free from 9 of the controversial ingredients which maybe harmful for our health.

Great Green ideas for the Pleasure-Seekers

With THAOSS, they wanted to celebrate the SUPER HUMANS, the Super Mums, Dads, Aunts, Sis, Bro, who want to shop with their hearts and are touched by meaningful, unique and personalised presents.

The THAOSS Mums have been looking at the products we usually buy and searched for better alternatives. One of their great find is a range of hair & moustache brushes and combs that are plastic-free, hand-made in a traditional way with natural materials. You are sure they will last a lifetime and they can be personalised with own initials. This has been abest-seller since the start of our concept store – for example, they have the cherub brush 100% natural for babies that work extremely well as birth gift; the hair 100% natural comb for men which fits into a suit’s pocket.

For the Mums who wish they had the perfect-looking family (at least on Instagram ;)), they have a line of eco-chic clothes that are made with deadstocks (stocks otherwise thrown away) from the Italian fashion industry. The quality of the fabric is outstanding whilst doing much better for environment; it’s a win-win for all. And as they are at the end of this capsule, you would find the prices are also irresistible.

THAOSS Mums have many more ideas in store, especially recommendations from friends and word of mouth. New products are being added every-week to the following categories:

Natural Vegan Skincare & beauty to respond to the growing concerns of mums over conventional products

Home Decoration with natural dyes and preserving local savoir-faire such as the hand-block print technique.

Hand-Made Jewellery – hand-made is always a guarantee of finding something unique and with personality.

– Organic or Upcycled Eco-Chic Children’s Clothing

Premium Food & Drinks perfect to bring for a dinner party instead of the usual bottle of wine.

To summarise, the new concept store is an inspiring and innovative way for the whole family to shop unique and personal feel-good products and experiences from emerging independent ethical brands.

THAOSS are setting up a group of mummies’ advisors to help them decide which products should come next, if you want to take part, please contact them here: [email protected] or simply follow them @thaoss_stories