The importance of self care for mothers

Today’s contributing article is by Dr Maryhan Baker who will be discussing ways on the importance of self care for mothers. You can also read her previous article on managing screen time with children in case you missed it. Click here to read it.

Regular followers of my social media accounts will know I’m a strong advocate of mothers setting aside time for themselves each and every day. It’s why I created the #metoo Monday’s hashtag, encouraging mothers to share what they’d done for themselves that day, as well as my popular #30daysofbeing challenge last year. I’ve championed and feel incredibly passionate about the importance of self-care in mothers. Here are my 5 very compelling reasons why you need to start placing yourself at the top of your to-do list today!


  • Mothers are the glue which hold families together

Regardless of whether a mother does or doesn’t work, whether she has childcare support or not, the lion share of the household and child care management falls onto a mother’s shoulders. When mother’s become ill, or are unable to continue juggling these multiple balls, the wheels metaphorically fall off the family bus and everything grinds to a halt. Taking care of yourself is therefore of benefit to everyone in the family and not the selfish act mothers often tell themselves it is.

  • Mothers set the emotional barometer in their household

It’s known as emotional contagion. A mother’s mood will dictate that of the whole family; if you are stressed, so are your child; if you take time out and value your own wellbeing your children will benefit from your heightened positive emotions, which is the ultimate gift we can give our children each and every day.

  • Mothers are perceived to have had the most profound impact on their family

When adults are asked to reflect back on their childhood over 61% say their mothers had the biggest impact on the person they became as an adult. So despite feeling as though our attempts to help our children fall on deaf ears, they really do take on board our comments, and most importantly, value them.

  • Remembering life after motherhood

Whilst we will be mothers until the day we die, we are only custodians of our children until they are old enough to fly the nest. If we don’t dedicate any time to ourselves whilst our children are still at home we can find ourselves suddenly looking in the mirror not recognising the person we once were, or worst still, not liking the person we have become.

  • Mothers influence by example

Children are much more likely to do what they see, than what might say. Mothers therefore serve as the single biggest role model to their children than anyone else. If your children see you prioritising yourself, they will learn to value themselves also, if they see you problem solve challenges and seek help where needed, they will look at their problems as problems which can be solved.

So, I am calling on all mothers to stop thinking they are being selfish and to start prioritising themselves now! Your family will thank you for it.

Featured article by Dr Maryhan Baker. Check her website for more information.