How to navigate the Corona-Coaster with less suffering and more wellbeing

We are all on a Corona-Coaster – how can we enjoy this rich diverse experience without becoming a victim of it?

Why is it that some people are loving lockdown, whilst others are finding it torturous? Some people are inspired yet others are scared?

We are free to feel anything… We are free to feel everything. 

Stress, sadness, joy, overwhelm or panic and many more feelings create our experience all of the time. Right here, right now, we are all living in the same circumstance of a pandemic. But our experience of the pandemic is personal to us. It is unique to us. Why? Because our experience is coming from one place only – and that is inside our minds. This explains why each of us can feel totally different thoughts when living through the same pandemic.

Join Debbie Fisher & Joanna Gilbert as they discuss ‘how to navigate the Corona-Coaster with less suffering and more wellbeing’ an exclusive podcast for Kensington Mums.

When it comes to the mental health crisis enveloping our society, there is a huge emphasis on putting out fires. iheart, (which stands for innate health education and resiliency training) prevents them from starting in the first place. How? Through a transformative approach to supporting young people, teachers and parents.

During the podcast, Debbie talks on the very simple understanding that ‘we have everything we need inside us’ and how although it really seems that circumstances affect us, in truth they don’t. Hard to imagine? Get curious and listen on

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Join Joanna Gilbert and Debbie Fisher for a helpful and hopeful conversation that is relatable to all

– in the first iheart podcast exclusively for Kensington Mums!

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