How to make your family home bigger and brighter

Our homes are where we express ourselves, where we go to be comfortable, to relax, and to be ourselves. It’s also where we make memories with friends and family. When our children are young, they spend a lot of their time at home and it’ll probably be there that they take their first steps, utter their first words, and start to really blossom as an individual. Therefore, it’s important that you feel truly at home in your house; a happy, healthy space to enjoy spending time with your children.

One of the key things to consider in order to make your home as comfortable as possible is natural light. Here in the UK, we have long dark winters and lots of rainy days, so when the sun is shining, make the most of it! Your existing windows might not be ideal for this, but strategically placed mirrors and light, neutral coloured walls can help dim rooms in your home look brighter.

If you’re considering extending your property, this is a great opportunity to let some more daylight in. Ground floor extensions and loft conversions are perfect places to fit roof-mounted Velux windows, and these are perfect for letting natural light in throughout the day. Big glass double doors on ground-level and Juliet balconies for lofts provide extra light, expansive views, and allow for lots of fresh air to enter during the summer.

Having a light-filled home doesn’t just cut down on the electricity bills; it’s also good for your mood and productivity, improves eye health, and helps you sleep at night, as natural light regulates your circadian clock. Studies also suggest that children learn better, are happier and have more energy when spending more time in sunlight. Glass does, however, block UVB rays, which your skin needs in order to make Vitamin D, so make sure you and your kids get out of the house from time to time.

If you’re considering creating a light-filled space in your home, a loft conversion is the perfect way to achieve this, without sacrificing any of your garden. Whether you want to create new bedrooms for your children, a master bedroom for yourself, or even an office or art studio, a loft can be designed to meet your needs. You’d be surprised by how spacious these can be, even on relatively small homes. The vast majority of houses are suitable for a loft conversion and you can often achieve great results within permitted development.

At Landmark Lofts, we will project manage the whole design and build process for you. We are London’s premier loft conversion company, and we have delivered outstanding results to clients throughout the capital. Check out our project pages to see some of luxuriously light spaces we have created for our clients here.

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