How to easily incorporate acts of kindness into your life

The importance of self care for mothers.

This is something we have focused on for a long time and something we truly value and respect. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others around you.


Today we share with you steps to incorporate acts of kindness into your life.

  1. Gratitude– Every morning when I wake I say ‘GOOD morning’, this is to set my morning off as ‘GOOD’, and it’s not just the morning. It’s a Good Morning. I then write or verbalize a few things I am grateful for. Recently I have been working my way around my body and showing gratitude to the healthy functioning of my limbs and organs. My father has Motor Neuron Disease and he is not longer able to walk so I am very mindful of my own health.
  2. Acknowledgement– Every night after I have brushed my teeth I stand in front of the mirror and acknowledge myself for three things I have achieved during the day. Sometimes this can even be an acknowledgement of having nourished my body with healthy food options. I have learnt that the kinder you are to yourself the greater the space you create to be your very best.
  3. Drink Plenty Of Pure Water– For anyone that knows me, this sentence is something you will hear me say over and over. Water is essential for us to survive and plenty of water will help us thrive. A dehydrated mind and body will become sluggish and crave other substitutes. I always have a large bottle of water with me or fill a jug at home so I can keep any eye on how much I drink.
  4. Intention Setting, everyday, in one sentence, I write down how I would like to show up in the world. Setting this intention helps me to be the best possible version of me. Today I wrote, “I am the possibility of ease, fun, gratitude & self expression”.  Yesterday I wrote, “Today I am the possibility of action, health and joy”.
  5. Meditation with all it benefits, started for me as simply a tool to stop and check in with myself on a daily bases.  Now I use an app by Sam Harris, called ‘Waking Up’, he sates that “The purpose of meditation isn’t merely to reduce stress or to make you feel better in the moment—it’s to make fundamental discoveries in the laboratory of your own mind”. How exciting is that!
  6. Investment, I make regular investments into my own health & well-being. The number one investment for me is therapy, to me therapy is something that helps me feel better, grow strong and expand. I practice what I preach and my number one therapy and love is massage therapy.
  7. Reading– “Knowledge is power”.  Very recently I have realized that I am dyslexic, having recognized this has been a huge relieve for me, like I have finally solved part of my own jigsaw puzzle.

I have always given myself a hard time for not being able to remember information easily, getting things muddled, for getting confused when given several instruction, having to re-read paragraphs to understand them and having never been unable to grasp learning another language, and now I understand why.

With my new understanding I am now easy with myself and have started to embrace reading with a new ease and acceptance of myself, which is allowing me to gain knowledge and empower myself.

8. Connect with nature. I was blessed to have grown up in the county amongst the fields & trees, horse riding everyday so I am naturally draw to nature. I can feel the therapeutic effects of being surrounded by trees, standing bare foot on mother earth or looking out across natural landscape. Health benefits from being in nature are astounding: enhanced immunity, lowered anxiety, greater relaxation, restored attention, and boosted vitality to name a few. I like to take a walk in the park or spend time in the garden everyday.


9. Technology, take a break! I switch my phone off at night. I take a walk without my phone; it gives me headspace and a break from the invisible sea of harmful electro magnetic frequencies.

10. “What do I, Ruth, need?” Being a natural caregiver I am always first in line to help others and sometimes this is at the detriment of my own well-being.Having realized that I have a strong tendency to always put others first I now pause and ask myself “What do I, Ruth, need?” This simple question has given me the power to be mindful of my needs.

11. Easy thoughts, being easy with my thoughts. Over the years I have practiced guiding my own self-sabotaging thoughts into ones of ease and appreciation, this has taken focus and I continue to work with this though the teachings of Abraham Hicks and the Law Of Attraction.

12. Breathe if all else fails. By focusing on my breath it helps me realize that I breathe all day long automatically and subconsciously. By focusing on this fact I feel appreciation and joy.  Add another step of takingslow, deep breaths, emphasizing the exhaleenables more air to flow into your body helping to calm your nerves in times of stress or anxiety.

Make time for me time

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Taking Care of You (& Me).

Article by Ruth from London Holistic Therapy

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