Honest Mum’s #ProudInMyBikini Campaign & Learning to Love Your Post-Birth Body

Today’s contributing article is by Vicki Psarias from honest.com. As mothers we are all self conscious of our body after baby and love how honest and open Vicki is in her #proudinmybikini campaign and we hope you can join us so that all Mothers are proud in their bikini this Summer and always. I always tell myself that each stretch mark on my body has a story, and it is a beautiful story indeed. Let us all embrace our motherhood journey in all its shapes and forms.

We have interviewed Vicki  part of our online motherhood exhibition, you can read more about it here.

Below is the image of Vicki that went viral 2 years ago.

Words by Vicki, mother of two.

Pregnancy and post-baby pressures on our bodies can feel overwhelming as we battle the pressure to ping back to our pre-pregnancy bodies as the endless celebrities the media show us seem to do with ease. Who knows the reality of that weight-loss though or the circumstances. It’s normal to want to regain normality, particularly at a time nothing feels normal. Sleep-deprivation and a new life with baby can be daunting as it is. That inevitable weight gain can make you feel worse at a time you are already delicate.

Vicki of Honest Mum and son

The truth is that babies can see us in a body and often, a mind we don’t recognise as our own and whilst social media can be a great support it can also exacerbate low feelings.

I want to normalise post-baby bodies, for myself and others. My tummy is forever changed after 2 c-sections and whilst I don’t like it, I accept it. I won’t hide it and refrain from wearing a bikini. Truth be told, day to day I never think of my stretch-marks and I refuse to let it stop me from having fun on holiday or in the garden when the sun comes out and nor should you.

This is the caption that accompanied the photo above:

‘So the tummy has stretch marks and it will be a mumtum forever thanks to my little Spider-Man over here, and his older brother Oliver, but to those little guys, I’m a superwoman and that’s good enough for me⚡️! A picture I shared 2 years ago in my bikini (this exact one in fact) went viral (which was a shock) and I still receive emails to this day from women saying they feel more confident about their shape because of it. That they went swimming with their kids when they wouldn’t before. That they feel proud of their post-baby bodies and less pressured. Yes to that 🙌🏼. I’m working on my own body image every single day, for myself and most importantly for my kids. It’s not always easy, we’re our own worst enemy at times and social media can ramp up the pressure to appear perfect (which doesn’t exist of course) but we owe it ourselves and the future to feel fierce whatever our size and shape. We’ve got this people. Please join me if you fancy it when you share shots of your badass selves in your swimwear with the hashtag #proudinmybikini’

This photo comes 2 years after I shared a picture of me wearing the same bikini, in Jamaica which went viral much to my surprise.

I still get messages from women to this day telling me the positive effect it had on them (a lady even came to a workshop to hear me speak because of that photo). The strength the photo gave others in their own journey to accept their bodies and feel more confident meant the world to me. It made me feel strong in return.

Here’s another one we took the other week, too.

Honest Mum in her bikini

It’s hard but vital we keep the conversation going about our bodies, however difficult that might seem because that honesty will enable us to feel less alone, and more badass about ourselves. All shapes and sizes are beautiful and remember that we did good ladies, we made babies, and are raising children every day.

Let’s be more confident for our kids, ourselves and others watching our images and listening to our words.

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