Kensington Mums Loves The Jaunty Cocoon

Created by Catherine Johnston, The Jaunty Cocoon is a bespoke nursery wall design service for parents who want to create a special feature wall with a truly personal touch for their child.


A print designer who’s worked across the British high street for 15 years and also created a small batch of wallpaper, Catherine’s designs are all hand drawn and will add a sense of fun and warmth to your little ones room. Based in her London studio Catherine draws the design to scale then sends it away to a printer, who then delivers the wall covering in easily numbered rolls for hanging, so it’s a very smooth process. The design can reference anything from the family pet to favourite toys and can feature important little messages and names. It can even boost early learning so it’s a fantastically rewarding project for everyone involved. Little Alice was delighted with hers. For a rework of the above – name, toy, message and colours all of your own choosing – or for a completely bespoke wall email:  [email protected]




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