A back to school quiz with Stuck on You

Are you sick and tired of any of the following?

  • Visiting Lost Property, only to come up empty handed?
  • Wasting money constantly replacing lost items?
  • Fielding arguments between your children as to who owns what?

Luckily we have just the solution for you. Stuck on You have fabulous range of name labels and other personalised products which are not only stylish and fun, but they are sturdy enough to survive being wet, dropped, scratched.. anything your child cares to throw at it. Well, almost anything…

Rah Rah Rad Recipe for Lost Things


  • Take wads of cash or credit card with generous limit.
  • Purchase loads of school uniforms, hats, gloves, swimmers, sports gear (adapt as necessary).
  • Garnish your child with the appropriate items, unlabelled, and release into the wild – aka school.
  • Add a generous helping of other children. For optimal effectiveness, ensure that these other children are wearing similar items to your child.
  • Stir in a bucket load of new knowledge for your child’s growing brain to process – long division, verbs vs adverbs, the 6 wives of Henry VIII (or is that the 8 wives of Henry VI)
  • Garnish with a sprinkling of high-energy lunchtime fun.
  • Watch in wonder as things disappear before your very eyes.
  • Repeat as necessary

Once you have completed this recipe, you have one of several options.

Option 1: Do nothing – aka more shopping! 
This option works best if you like useless shopping trips and spending money on preventable losses. Note that is likely to result in repeating Steps 1 to 8 in a seemingly endless (and expensive) cycle.

Option 2: Take a trip to the Lost Property bins
Enjoy a leisurely swim through mountains of frayed hats. Relax in a sea of ‘fragrant’ sports jumpers. The more observant traveller may also spot rarer sights such as old band aids, underpants (!!) and a lonely shoe.
If desired item is found, repeat from Step 3 (after washing off the lonely shoe smell, of course).

Option 3: Implement a labelling regime
This one is the easiest and cheapest option. Hop onto stuckonyou.uk, choose from a range of our original and gorgeous designs, type in your child’s name and place the order. Once we have delivered the goodies to your door, just stick or iron these onto uniforms, books, toys.. you name it (literally!)

You might feel like labelling adds yet another task to your already long to-do list, but we guarantee that it will spare you hassles in the longer run.

But wait, there’s more!

Stuck on You are the name label guru but did you know we also do other personalised products? High quality bags, drink bottles, baby gifts, wooden name puzzles, among other treasures. There’s nothing like personalised pizzazz to bestow bragging rights onto your kids and instil a pride of ownership. Your kids will not only be less likely to lose their stuff, they’ll also be less likely to want to. It’s a win for all!

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