Help! We’re locked in!

With Coronavirus sweeping its way around the world, and with kids at home and many of us have opted for working from home. With a possibility of this period of isolation going on for many weeks or even months, keeping the kids entertained can be really tricky. Here are a few of Emily Lazenby’s ideas to keep little people busy day to day. 

 💛 Get outside! Do you have a garden? Get the children out every morning and afternoon if you can. Let them run around, build dens, create treasure hunts, make mud pies, use bikes and scooters or go bug hunting! 

💛 Jigsaws! Jigsaws are great for children’s gross and fine motor development, shape recognition, hand eye co-ordination and problem solving

💛 Magic clay – Magic clay is a fun alternative to play dough. Amazon sell really fun kits of these.

💛 Paint Easter Eggs at home.

💛 Keep them fit and healthy! Cosmic kids offer super children’s yoga tutorials on YouTube. Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams (@amyjoywilliams) has created some at home workouts to do with the kids – they are easy to follow and it’s all using equipment you have around the house.  Amy says “Make exercising with your children a super fun thing to do. So use tins of beans in the cupboard, tea towels to slide your feet on the floor, using all the rooms in a house for a different exercise for example. You can all write different things to do on pieces of paper and then do a lucky dip of exercises, set a timer for 10 mins and see how many you can do. 10 on each. Remember that children get hotter quicker and so you need to keep hydrated and drinking water”.

💛 Make cards! This is a perfect time to make a huge stock pile of thank you and birthday cards which always come in useful! Check out Pinterest for some awesome ideas! 

💛 Keep them in touch with friends – FaceTime friends and family! Everyone is going through the same situation, and ringing to check in with friends and family is a lovely way of still keeping in touch with everyone. 

💛 Board games – perfect for family time, get those board games out and have some family fun!

💛 Teach them skills around the house, how to make their bed, help you put a wash on, laying the table for dinner time. This is a great opportunity to teach children about domestic skills and get everyone involved.

💛 TV time! As well as films, look at nature documentaries for children to watch and learn more about the world around them. 

💛 Make your own hand sanitiser and get your kids to help you clean your phone. See the article and video which can help.

💛 Dance parties – this is one of my favourites! Put on your favourite songs and be a bit silly! Sometimes it’s the little moments in times like these that keep everyone smiling! 

Let’s all try and enjoy the time at home we have with our little ones, and make the most of being together. Find the positives in the negative and have some fun along the way.  If these tips are not enough, read out 40 things to do at home during lockdown and how to keep the kids entertained at home.

Article written by Emily Lazenby who is a nanny.Her  favourite things are Barry’s Bootcamp, learning new skills and coffee! What I love about being a nanny is that no two days are ever the same and being able to spend my days helping to raise little people is a huge honour.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels