Motherhood by Amy Williams

amy williams

1. Please introduce yourself

Hi I am Amy Williams , I have two boys Oscar who has just turned three and Alfie who is nine months. 

I’m a ex full time athlete who is now self-employed & a full-time mum. I do a big mixture of things from TV presenting, corporate and business motivational inspiring talks, Personal Trainer and fitness blogger.

2. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother?

It could be very hard to juggle everything I’m very lucky to have my parents that live very close to help out having the boys as much as they can if I’m working. 

I have to go back to my old Astley mode and get really well prepared and planned in the busy periods.

3. What top tips would you give to any working mum?

Tried to keep everything balanced it’s really important to find something in the week that you do for you.

4. What do you love most about London? Do you have a favourite spot with your children? 

I don’t actually live in London I’m from Bath. I’m normally rushing up and down on the train because I have a job , so I never really get to see many parts of it. however if I ever have any spare time I go straight to somewhere green and find a park.

5. How do you define quality ‘me-time’? 

This is always the hardest thing being a mum is reminding to do something that makes you happy and feel like you. For me that exercising whether it’s going for a 20 minute jog at a weekend when my husband is around or just putting a film on in the evenings.

6. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood? 

Favourite is the cuddles, kisses and constant smiles and laughs that they give you every day. 

Toughest bit is the lack of sleep and never having a lye in, my boys are up any time from 5:30am.

7. Tell us something people don’t know about you. 

I love horses and used to ride a lot and look after other peoples horses before I took up my sport of skeleton.

8. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum? 

Listen to your gut instinct , you will always know what to do as a mother So listen to your own voice inside of you. 

When you’re going through a tough time just chant to yourself “it is just a phase it will get better”!!

9.  I’m a mum and…… Lucky












10. Finally, please let us know what you love most about Kensington Mums?

It’s a great community of women and mums all trying to help each other out.