9 tips on setting your classes online

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It’s become even more important during this times of isolation. So we’ve put together 9 tips on setting up your classes online so that it’s super easy and you can get your business back to full classes really soon.

We are here to support the providers who create amazing classes for parents across the UK.

9 tips on setting your classes online

  1. Think about how your classes would work online. This may take a little bit of creativity! Set up your space to make it look good and feel a bit more special for your customers. Perhaps display your logo and have some bright coloured props!
  2. Think about the length of your session. Bear in mind that with children at home you won’t have a 100% captive audience so a slightly shorter session than normal may be preferable anyway. We’ve found 30 minutes is perfect.
  3. Message current customers to let them know you are going to be going online and how to book. And if any are in credit for classes, let them know how you’ll deal with that.
  4. Make classes interactive with Zoom (free for up to 40mins classes!). Online classes are truly interactive as families can talk to the teacher and see/hear other families having fun, and the teacher can encourage kids by name, as well as seeing the joy they are bringing. This is so important for providers and families. One mum even said she felt she has been out after a session – despite not leaving her living room!
  5. Think about pricing. We suggest keeping prices similar to normal classes, but consider setting a price for the whole family to attend together instead. Keeping your prices similar to your normal classes will mean you can keep the groups smaller, more interactive, and help parents know what to expect from a real life class.
  6. Think about safeguarding. Check your insurance regarding online classes, use the waiting room facility of Zoom, and only do paid classes so you have a credit card trail should anything unexpected happen. We also suggest that parents must have their webcam on, and a child is present for the class. As well as an adult present, who is responsible for their child’s safety at all times.
  7. Get promoting! Pop your booking link in your IG bio, on all your promotional posts, send it to your current attendees (and past ones if GDPR allows!). Use your social media platform to promote your classes and use websites likes www.kensingtonmums.co.uk to promote to your audience, it helps!
  8. Let the parents coming know what to expect.
  9. Look after your mental health. Happity has always been about beating loneliness and supporting mental wellness. Whilst the focus is often on parents for this, it is important that providers also look after their mental health. Our resident Clinical Psychologist recently wrote about keeping mentally well during Covid-19 which you can find in our blogs section. And watch out for our #ShoutieSelfie campaign coming super soon!

Article by Happily who has waived membership for a year please register today at www.happity.co.uk, where you can also find their quick start guide in their blog section. Happily is the UK’s No.1 Platform for Online Baby and Toddler Classes. Their aim is to help parents find classes to build community and maintain good mental health.