Fatherhood by Colin Corry

Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have.
My name is Colin and I am married anna, we have two girls Bella aged 3 and Annie age 2. I work in an engineering company that makes components for various types of aircraft.
How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a father?
I am very lucky in this regard. I work a shift pattern that is three 13hour days. Although this means on the days I work I only get to sneak in and kiss the girls goodnight whilst they are sleeping the reward is that I get four days off with them every week. So we try to make them four days filled with fun, play and exploring or simply chilling on the sofa watching ‘frozen’ on repeat.
What makes you, as a dad, happy?
What makes me happy is getting peace to watch the football….. but that hasn’t happened now for over three years.. only joking Anna.. what truly makes me happy is watching the girls learn new skills, Bella recently cracked riding her bike and to be there and watch the pure excitement in her face when she realised she was moving without me was priceless. (Tear in eye). My youngest is the daredevil of the pair much to their mums despair, but I love that she has the bottle to try things that older kids would shy away from but she has a determination like no kid I’ve ever met and once she sets her mind to something she will do it. The pair of them make me burst with pride everyday.
What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?
By having kids it has rekindled my love for Lego… and I get to play with it without getting judged by my wife. But in all seriousness one of my favourite things about being a parent is watching my children problem solve. It fills me with pride when I watch them overcome something without any interference from anna and me.
The least favourite for me would be disciplining the children as I’d imagine most parents don’t like this side of parenting, but personally I believe it is us parents that shape our children “values” that they will live by throughout their life. So it is essential we teach them manners. , right from wrong and essentially bring them up to respect every other person in the world
If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
Fred Flintstone… like me he enjoyed working, but once finished all he wanted was to be at home with his family and his belly full..
¬†I’m a dad and……?
Tell us something mummy doesn’t know, something that happened during a ‘dad on duty’ moment.
You didn’t lose your brand new chanel lipstick… Annie decided it was the perfect colour for her picture.. so I disposed of the evidence.
What advice would you give a first-time dad?
 Relax.. we are learning on the job and mistakes will happen along the way , but we learn from them and improve us as parents.
Share a top tip with your fellow dads?
Baby vests are purposely wider at the neck in the event of an overflowing nappy remove the vest sliding it down the way. Trying to pull it over the head will only escalate the problem to a level you do not want to be at. This will save you trying to remove a certain substance from the back of your children’s head.
What does fatherhood represent to you? Please describe in few words what fatherhood means to you or has made out of you.
Emotional…. I would never have showed emotion before I had the girls.. but now I feel that frog in my throat more frequently. It generally pops up when I’m bursting with pride and I think it’s important to show the girls that men have an emotional side to.