4 ways to get your kids eating more veggies with Farmdrop

Farmdrop are here to get you eating not just more veggies, but fresher, healthier and tastier ones too! They deliver their organic produce direct from local farms to your door 7 days a week. Farmdrop are the new way to do your weekly shop, with new BBQ & baby ranges adding to their impressive range, and they’ve offered us some tips on how to get those little ones eating more veg!

Every mum has a horror story about a vegetable-induced tantrum at some point or another. Whether it’s green beans or carrots or anything in-between, some kids can wreak havoc over the dinner table, making quick work of your plea bargains of ‘just eat half of them’ or ‘no dessert unless you finish your veggies’. Early introduction to veggies makes for better eating habits later in life, so here are some creative ways to wiggle that extra portion of veg into the day. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t be encouraging kids to find their own tastes and enjoy vegetables regardless of how they are prepared, but these recipes are aimed at introducing pickier eaters to a wider palate that will in time become a not-so-sneaky love for veg!

1: Breakfast Smoothies

The most important meal of the day – and not one people would usually think about veg for. Whipping up smoothies are super easy and are also great fun to do together with the little ones (under supervision of course!) so they can make their own at breakfast. Combining veg with fruit is a great way to help sneak those much needed nutrients in right at the beginning of the day. Here’s one that our founder Ben loves making with his kids!

If making juice, be careful as much of the fibre from your fruit or veg gets left behind in the pulp, whereas smoothies usually contain all the edible pulp. For adults, unsweetened 100% fruit juice, vegetable juice and smoothies can only ever count as a maximum of one portion of your 5 A Day. Your combined daily total from fruit juice, vegetable juice and smoothies should not be more than 150ml a day – which is a small glass – because they can contain a lot of fruit sugar. So try to keep it veg heavy at breakfast with the kids!

2: Ethically Sauced

Sauces are another easy way to cram more veggies into meals. Try pureeing carrots to add to your bolognese or shepherd’s pie. Blitz avocado and peas for a quick dip or try kale or spinach with broad beans and mint, ready for dunking carrot sticks, cucumber batons or even lightly cooked asparagus spears. Introducing finely chopped veggies into soups and casseroles is also a great way to introduce little ones to new tastes, and as they get used to them appearing into their meals you can start chopping them into bigger and bigger pieces. They won’t even notice that they’ve started enjoying them!

3: Chips ‘n Crisps!

Forget soggy oven McChips; there are loads of great veggies that you can turn into crisps and/or chips! Try baking up a batch of Kale crisps using a little oil & salt – much healthier than anything on the supermarket shelves – simply drizzle some oil & salt over washed kale and bake for 15 minutes. For chips, why not try courgettes, carrots or even avocado! Roll them in breadcrumbs and bung in the oven for 30min at 180, turning occasionally.

4: Start small, aim big

Farmdrop have recently introduced Ratatouiie baby foods onto their shop. Helene Piquion, founder of Ratatouïe, maker of healthy homemade fresh baby and toddler meals tells us;

“When I turned to supermarkets, the convenient baby food range was colourless, uniformly flavoured, and filled with all sorts of nasties. Most products had a shelf-life longer than the age of my daughter, which can only mean a preservation process that kills natural forms of nutrients, minerals or vitamins. So I started Ratatouïe and transformed my passion for food into my mission: to offer parents the best available shortcut to more quality family time.

I love my trusted veg supplier Langridge Organic. They know every single quirky fact about the producers they work with. For meat I go to my local butcher M.Moen & Sons and Moxons for fish. Our ingredients are super-fresh and cooked from scratch in a very traditional way at Ratatouïe.”

Farmdrop are offering Kensington Mums £25 off their first farmdrop shop over £50, simply enter “kensingtonmums25” at checkout at  farmdrop.com

Written in partnership with our friends www.farmdrop.com, who are passionate about delivering healthy, ethically produced food to your home