Dentistry’s come a long way since you were a kid, so don’t let your residual dental fears affect how your children approach their dental health.

Like the wild animals that they sometimes are (as any frazzled parent can attest), kids can smell fear. Actually, they sense it – taking their cues from your tone of voice, language, physical movement and behaviour, and they will therefore notice your fear of visiting the dentist. Seeing you scared will make them scared too, which is doing them a huge disservice – so how can you break that cycle?

Many factors contribute to dental fear

  • A fear of pain
  • Poor past experience at the dentist
  • An intimidating clinical setting
  • Scary-looking dental instruments
  • Insufficient information about what to expect
  • Dentist’s poor chairside manner

How to stop your child from inheriting your dental anxiety!

While dental fear is very real, it is critical that children and patients with special needs don’t avoid visits to the dentist. The long-term ramifications of inadequate dental attention is a lifetime of bad oral health, leading to conditions such as cavities and gum disease, which cause discomfort, tooth loss and (ironically) the very pain that was feared in the first place.

Luckily, modern dentistry has made huge strides towards overcoming patient anxiety, with some dental surgeries going the extra mile to even make dentistry fun (yes, seriously). One such dental practice is Happy Kids Dental in Marylebone – a practice that was designed specifically to foster a positive relationship between children (and nervous adults) and their dentist.

How to stop your child from inheriting your dental anxiety!

As one of the UK’s most trusted family and paediatric dentists, Happy Kids Dental has made it their mission to ensure our patients have a positive experience when visiting them. Their unique approach includes:

  1. A jungle-themed practice in London W1, where they provide a distracting, comforting and fun setting for younger patients

2. A team of conscientious and friendly staff (from the receptionist to the dental nurses and paediatric dentists) who are well-versed in behaviour management techniques to ensure patients feel comfortable and relaxed; allaying any anxieties and turning a fear of pain or the unknown into a fun and colourful experience with games and friendly faces

3.Treatment rooms designed to keep any potentially frightening instruments out of sight

4.A multidisciplinary team who can care for your child until they turn 18 and beyond – a familiarity that helps to reduce anxiety and leads to better long-term oral health.

How to stop your child from inheriting your dental anxiety!

A gentle way of speaking to children and nervous patients, using language suitable to their age, and also catering for the requirements of children and adults with special needs
The latest innovations in dental sedation options, including The Wand pain-free computerised anaesthetic and intravenous sedation, to help nervous patients cope with pain or anxiety

And the best thing about Happy Kids Dental is that they treat adults too, so you can have your check-ups alongside your children. So, if you’re a nervous patient, prepare to have your mind permanently changed.

Want to give your child (and yourself) a whole new experience of dentistry? Call Happy Kids Dental on 020 7078 0822 to book a new patient consultation today!

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