Could Couple Therapy Help?

If you feel your relationship is not quite what you expected, you need to ask yourself whether talking to an impartial, non-judgemental therapist, who is skilled in listening carefully and helping with relationships might be something you would benefit from. Or maybe you know someone to whom this applies and who could use a fresh perspective.

Coming to a third party to talk about your personal problems may seem like a difficult step to take but it’s important to point out two key things that should reassure you:

  • by using a specially trained, officially-accredited couples therapist, you are benefitting not only from many years of specialist training but a wealth of experience seeing and helping people
  • large scale and credible research has demonstrated that couple therapy actually works.

Why Might People Need Support With Their Relationships?

People benefit from couple therapy for many different reasons. It may be that the relationship has broken down or that there is anxiety that it might. Sustaining a fulfilling and stable relationship is never easy. Think about the pressures that everyday life presents to busy mothers, for example, who have multiple roles as mothers, partners, family members, workmates and so on:

  • work
  • money
  • children
  • family tensions
  • ill health.

All of these life challenges contribute to creating problems that can lead to depression and other difficulties for one or both partners. That works to the detriment of the ‘romantic’ relationship.

Sometimes couples can’t talk to each other, and meeting with a couples therapist can open the way to better communication, which is a key part of improving relationships. Couple therapy aims to help you to achieve:

  • recovery from depression
  • better communication and ability to work together
  • greater awareness of each of your needs
  • greater understanding of your partner and yourself, and of the differences between you
  • a better sense of closeness between the two of you
  • a more stable family life
  • greater confidence about the future
  • an improved sexual relationship if this is needed.

Evidence Proves the Value of Couple Counselling

The results of our ‘experience of service’ data from hundreds of individuals and couples who attended six weeks of counselling show a high satisfaction rate, and over 90% of users rate the sessions as helpful. The vast majority also said that the sessions helped them understand themselves, their partner and their relationship with their children.

One of our couples expressed this as follows within the comments they wrote after seeing us:

“It has changed the nature of our relationship and made family life so much better… ”

“I didn’t think talking about a problem could be so helpful.”

Couple Therapy, Mental Health and Wellbeing

We look at the whole picture. We measure wellbeing and mental health symptoms, as well as relationship satisfaction, throughout the therapy using reliable and validated measures.

Indeed our standard couple therapy service is among the best ever studied. The research team has recently published the outcomes of the largest ever naturalistic study in couple therapy.

The results show convincingly that our model, as delivered by therapists who were trained here –  generally over four years of study and practice – is indeed effective.

Why Our Couple Therapy?

Tavistock Relationships offers counselling and therapy services to couples, individuals and parents. It is probably one of the largest psychotherapy providers in London. Tavistock Relationships has a team of around 100 therapists, counsellors and psychologists who deliver together more than 17,000 sessions a year in our centres in London.

Our core therapeutic model has been developed over almost 70 years. It combines clinical expertise and in-depth theoretical knowledge with research and therapists’ training. A number of innovative psychotherapy approaches have stemmed from this core model. These approaches help with a range of relationship difficulties including issues involving psychosexual problems, parenting, separation and divorce, as well as other specialist concerns.

You can book an initial assessment (with no obligation) at one of our two London Centres, here.

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