Bringing children with you to a wedding? Our top tips!

With the excitement of the Royal Wedding fading a little, we have to commend super-mum Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on how amazing she looked at the wedding.  It can’t have been easy especially now that she has three kiddies and two of them played roles in the ceremony itself.

Taking kids to an event can be challenging but somehow weddings seem to be the biggest challenge.   So if you decide to bring them along and don’t have a babysitter or grandparents to help you out, here are our top tips for surviving the day.  With all your hair still in place!

How to Make it Smoothly Through Your Wedding with Kids (without any tears)…

Keep them entertained

If there are other kids around at the wedding, it is worth having an outdoor area in the garden if thats available with fun and old school outdoor games (weather permitting). Fun lawn games such as hopscotch, Twister, and card games like UNO will keep them entertained for hours. Kites and skipping and hula hoops are also great options. Our favourite is giant chalk which they can draw on pavements.

In case its raining, you can create an area full of boardgames. Our favourites are Guess Who, Monopoly, Operation or Hungry Hippos. These will keep them busy and encourage kids to mingle and socialise with other guest.

Have a kids wedding table

If there is a group of kids attending, make it fun for them to be seated all together. Younger babies should be seated next to you if possible, in case of that possible tantrum. Best tip: Cover the kids’ table with kraft paper, provide them with crayons and let them draw on the “tablecloth”! Hours of fun

Girls and dress up

For girls, get them to go shopping with you for their fairytale dress, they are usually delighted with pretty dresses and flowers.

Get kids involved

Children love confetti so putting them in charge of handing out bags of confetti is a dream job for kids. They can also help with signing the guest book and handing out favours.

Babies and toddlers

Make sure you bring in change of clothes and nappies with you, with their favourite toys and food. Having a pushchair might  be handy for those afternoon nap times.

Kid-friendly food

Kids like their food. Have their favourite with you. This will make them happier and less cranky and fussy.

Breastfeeding Mama

In case you are breastfeeding your baby at the wedding, make sure your dress is breastfeeding friendly so you are able to feed your baby at ease without feeling overwhelmed at the wedding. There are many options around, we advice you to shop wisely and make sure you bring it those breast pads to avoid any accidents.

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