With the prospect of the UK this week stumbling back into fresh incarnations of lockdown and the forecast of days of rain looming, half-term may seem a difficult time to pass. Despite these circumstances, us parents are expected to magically find fun and engaging activities that allow our kids to meet friends (even if virtually) and widen their horizons. This is why we have grown to love platforms such as Curious Campus  a site offering well curated and well priced offerings ranging to allow young minds to explore life beyond the gloom of Covid and the grey skies.

chess gameFounded by a mother of two, Curious Campus has brought under one roof old favorites from Chess and Debating to embracing Fortnite and Coding.

Our personal picks

  • Marine Explorers from 26th to 29th .  We love the idea of taking the momentum started by Sir David Attenborough with ‘A Life on Our planet’ to actually bringing a part of that wonderful planet to the kids with the marine exploration.  From Mangroves to Coral reef, what better way escapism whilst learning what the next generation needs to protect!
  • Debating from 26th October -28th October 11.30am-1pm
  • Debate Mate, who are real specialists in this field, having worked with over 100,000 students globally. Crammed with teachers from top brass institutions such as Oxford and Harvard, yet young enough to be lively  and relatable.  This is the one skill we would pour all our money into – eloquent speech.
  • Picasso in the Park on Saturday 31st (aside from the fab name) the curation of art with easy to procure materials has made this one a real winner.
  • Global Online Chess tournament on Friday 30th October at 2pm An amazing initiative to get kids to meet others and play competitive chess for free! Keep the mind ticking, keep them busy on a Friday afternoon and perhaps they could win some prizes!

chess game

We love the fact that ‘keeping it simple’ seems to be the Campus mantra.  Easy bookings on the site and Zoom log-ins meant we didn’t have to hover around the kids and could actually enjoy a parent half-term of sort, that didn’t make us wish a quicker school re-opening.  Happy, fruitfully engaged kids with a pick n mix of classes meant our little sprogs could also relax and put on those wellington boots and splash outside too.  We promised you half-term made easy and we believe Curious Campus helped us deliver some of there best there is on right now.

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