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Here at Kensington Mums, we are all about the community spirit.  What better time that Christmas? We are happy to announce that we are media partners this year to offer an online Christmas Fair with The Glorious Edit who have curated some amazing brands for your online Christmas shopping- while supporting a great cause close to our hearts.

Christmas is an exciting time especially with children but we all know that shopping for presents can be a labour of love and this year it is likely to be a little more challenging. That’s why we were intrigued when two mums Sarah and Kate from The glorious Edit brought us a solution to our shopping problem. They have created an online shopping fair which features 80 independent brands and also raises money for MeeTwo an innovative new mental health charity supporting children and young adults. When the girls pointed out these brands were also offering exclusive offers we saw an opportunity tackle our present shopping whilst supporting independent business and fundraise for a cause we feel passionately about.

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We were keen to support Sarah and Kate and caught up with them to find out more.

What prompted you to start the The glorious Edit?

We started the The glorious Edit when Covid forced us to cancel the physical shopping fair we run for our children’s school in Gloucestershire. It had always been such a great success, the children loved running from stall to stall, parents would make a fantastic start on their Christmas shopping and we raised large sums for local children’s charities. When it was no longer possible we decided we could reunite the struggling independent with the eager shoppers who loved buying small and interesting as well as supporting a charity. We wanted to curate an edit of best brands available on the web and ‘The glorious Edit’ was born.

What do you mean by a curated edit?

We have spent time selecting the best independent brands so busy mums don’t have to troll the internet to find something new and exciting. With 80 businesses to choose from we have covered all sectors so there should be something for everyone. We are most excited about our present list ideas. We have spoken to different people from teachers to teenagers and found out what they would like to find under the tree this Christmas. Shoppers can then click on to see these list. It is the prefect tool to give anyone inspiration for in-laws, godchildren, siblings or even the husband who has it all.

Tell me more about your association with MeeTwo?

We are delighted to be supporting MeeTwo the multi award winning fully moderated, anonymous mental health app for young people aged 11+. Something Kensington Mums and The glorious Edit have in common is the appreciation of a community. We believe that over the years the mums network has been a lifeline to us. What we love about MeeTwo is that it enables young people to talk about difficult things and help themselves by helping each other. Every post and reply is checked before it reaches the app to eliminate all bullying, judgement or humiliation and positive feedback and support is curated into the dialogue. There is expert help on hand and all discussions are guided by trained ‘super peers’ to ensure every question gets a fully rounded solution. For children who are struggling to talk about parents splitting up, eating disorders, self harm, bulling and more it is a lifeline. Since launch in 2017 there are over 25,000 registered users and it is endorsed by the NHS. I think this quote describes perfectly how users feel about the service:

‘I actually didn’t realise how much better this app can make someone feel. I love being able to ask my own questions and just the experience of tying to help even one other person helps me to feel happier too’

MeeTwo will have a banner on The glorious Edit and there will be a voluntary donation button to give to this incredible organisation. We would like people to think of it as the entrance fee to the fair – just a £4 donation would make a big difference.

Please tell us how the fair will work.

The glorious Edit is live for two weeks November 6 – 11th and December, 4-10th when one special code will work across all brands giving the shopper exclusive discounts. Each one has been chosen with care. We are incredibly excited to be the only fair featuring Wyse London with their cool approach to style ‘less is more, but with a twist’. Marielle brings ruffles, stripes lurex thread, sequins and metallic to her stunning collection. We love the story behind the Team Beachwear matching adults and children trunks and bikinis in fabulous prints made out of plastic bottles. Millie Pink Jewellery is always a firm favourite with our daughters who love a pop of colour on a wash bag, hairband or bracelet. Rest assured we have chosen some stunning options for the chief gift buyer too with the likes of Crosslow, Birdie London, and Annabelle Hill Jewels to name but a few.

We are featuring them all on our instagram @thegloriousedit or you can find out more on our website

Do you think people will change the way they shop this year?

I think we all know it’s going to be a different build up to Christmas 2020 but we could use this opportunity to make the shopping experience more pleasurable and less chaotic. Virtual fairs like ours allow you to buy fabulous gifts from amazing independent brands from the comfort of your home and support a wonderful charity too. That’s one headache off the list – leaving more time to tackle the dreaded online food shop. I’m afraid we can’t help with that one!


The glorious Edit runs from 6th-11th November and the 4-10th December.

More information can be found at Make sure you follow them on Instagram @thegloriousedit

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