All the support you need for pregnancy, birth and beyond

Motherhood is a real blessing. All mothers need support, compassion and community support in pregnancy, birth and beyond

Young mother is holding her crying baby daughter on her hip while trying to load the washing machine.

Support, Compassion and Community in Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

What Do We Do?

MarvellousMammas is a brand new service based here in W1 which provides support to you through your pregnancy, your birth and in the postnatal period.  Christina Johnson founder of MarvellousMammas has been working in social care for thirty years with the last ten years of her career supporting parents navigate the journey of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

What Services Do We Provide?

MarvellousMammas provides a range of support services to parents with an emphasis on improving and supporting infant and maternal mental health. These services can be provided with both face to face and online. Our antenatal services can help you plan for your birth, signpost you to up to date research and ensure you are informed about the many choices you will make regarding your care as you prepare for the birth of your baby. Here at MarvellousMammas, we can provide bespoke antenatal classes, hypnobirthing classes and preparation for breastfeeding classes. We also offer to coach and counsel to offer you emotional support throughout your pregnancy.

We are also able to support you at the time of your birth and if you would like the support of a birth doula we can also help you to find that special person to be with you as your bring your baby into the world. They will meet with you with before your birth and be on call for four weeks around your due date and attend your birth at home or in the hospital. They will help to protect your birth space help you to advocate on your behalf and provide comfort measures and emotional support to you as you birth your babies.

In the postnatal period, MarvellousMammas is also an agency which can also provide and train maternity nurses, night nannies and postnatal doulas to support you to feel calm and confident in the early months as new parents. We also have sleep consultants who can work face to face or online to support you with any sleep issues you may encounter.

We place huge importance on nurturing, supporting and mentoring our workers to ensure they are cared for and supported so that they can do the important work of nurturing babies, parents and new families.

About Christina

As Christina has worked as a maternity nurse and doula herself she brings this wealth of knowledge to the agency as she guides parents through the interviewing and hiring process. She has a deep understanding of the differing roles and needs of families and can help you to find the support you need and deserve on the precious first few months with your new baby.

All candidates are screened by a Health Psychologist before joining the agency to give parents that extra level of confidence in their suitability for the role.

“I would be happy to recommend Christina to any other family seeking a maternity nurse. Christina is first and foremost a really nice person ( which is so important when you have someone in your house), unobtrusive ( ie she knew when to leave my husband and I to have our own time with our daughter) and very knowledgeable, gving me tips and advice on how to get into a good routine in relation to sleep, feeding etc. It was a godsend having Christina take the lead at night, allowing me to get some much needed rest between feeds. If I had another baby I would absolutely seek Christina’s help again, which is a testament to the great support I had from her in the very difficult early weeks.”

Great support in the very difficult early weeks

“Christina has been helping look after my baby boy since he was five weeks old. I was very lucky I found Christina. I had to do an hours work here and there from when he was very small. I am a first time mum and leaving your precious bundle with someone you don’t know isn’t easy, all you have to go on is instinct and trust. Christina was so natural with him and has a gentle and caring energy.”

Christina was so natural with him and has a gentle and caring nature

What Next?

If you are interested in classes we also host baby massage, baby bonding and Mammas Meetups and retreats for new parents. Classes and meetups are also online at the moment but will be held in Fitzrovia and Marylebone in the future. Do contact us to register your interest.

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