Empowering Motherhood | Tanya Candy

Empowering motherhood- so you never feel alone and always feel connected mothers with experts to inspire purpose and prioritise wellbeing.


  1. Please introduce yourself

Hello! I am Tanya Candy, I have a 2 year old son called Jonas, who is our miracle baby as he was born 15 weeks prematurely. I am passionate about women’s rights and an advocate of mental health awareness. I am a speaker and a mentor and I have co-founded www.mothersphere.com, an empowering platform which connects mothers and experts to inspire purpose and prioritise wellbeing.

I am currently co-writing a book which takes an authentic look at the journey of motherhood through the experience of both authors. The book is a roadmap to inspire mothers to create their ideal life, encouraging them to honour their goals and loved ones simultaneously. We have collaborated with UN Women UK on our book, to further our mission of helping mothers in the UK and globally. Alongside these, I am a property manager and investor.

  1. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother?

Planning ahead really helps and good communication with my husband. We share responsibilities which is key for us to balance everything. We both work for ourselves, so we are fortunate to have the flexibility to alternate with each other and still be present for our son. I also always ensure that however busy work is, I always make the time to put my son to sleep at night.

  1. What top tips would you give to any working mum?

To not put too much pressure on yourself. You are the CEO of your life, be proud of what you accomplish every day, you are setting an amazing example to your children.

  1. What do you love most about London?
    Do you have a favourite spot with your children? I love everything about London! I was born and raised here and although I love to travel, there is nowhere else in the world that I would choose to live. I love that London is so cosmopolitan and that there is always so much to do. I particularly love the architecture of the city, the incredible restaurants and the theatres. My son loves to go to the science museum and to St James’s park!
  2. How do you define quality ‘me-time’?
    Me-time for me is listening to music, writing my book, spa treats or a cup of tea with a great tv series.
  3. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?
    My favourite thing is when my son wakes me up with kisses in the morning, it melts my heart! My least favourite is when he is ill and the feeling of not being able to take away the suffering.
  4. Tell us something people don’t know about you.
    I have a passion for acting and presenting. I have trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and in media and tv.
  5. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum?
    Enjoy all the stages of your child as they grow up so quickly. Be kind to yourself and ensure that you make time to do something that you love each day because ultimately, a happy mum leads to a happy baby!
  6.  I’m a mum and…… grateful
  7. 10. Finally, please let us know what you love most about Kensington Mums?

I love the articles and the community that you have built. It is wonderful to attend your diverse events and to meet like-minded local mothers.


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