Advance Together – A New Political Party Is Born

Britain has a new political party. The Electoral Commission has conferred official status on Advance Together, the party seeking to change the political future in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Advance Together will field candidates across 18 wards of the borough in the local elections of May 2018. Advance Together will be the only independent party challenging the Conservative-dominated Council.

Advance Together will focus on three core borough-wide policy areas, and spend the coming weeks sharing ideas door-to-door and at community events:

  1. Reform housing and planning. To look after neighbours and neighbourhoods by creating new homes, reforming the process of planning and making homes safer.
  2. Provide opportunity and safety. With programmes and schemes to create more opportunity throughout the borough.
  3. Look after our environment. Using high impact, short-term solutions to deliver cleaner air and streets.

Annabel Mullin, leader of Advance Together, said: “The ‘advance’ movement we launched in November last year has generated a lot of interest and followers in the borough. We are thrilled that this grass-roots movement now has the status of a political party, and we can fight the local election on May 3 in an effort to bring long-awaited change to Kensington & Chelsea.  It’s our belief that local politics is better served by people independent of the narrow interests of national political parties.”  

Advance Together candidates are a true reflection of the diverse communities they hope to serve – teachers, local business owners, skilled professionals, community volunteers from here and around the world.  All united by a committed passion to deliver on the promise – for people, not politicians.

“I was born in Kensington & Chelsea, and wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home,” comments Melvyn Akins, 35 years, father of two, IT professional and standing as a candidate for Advance Together.  “But for too long now, there’s been many unheard voices in my community and that has to change.  I’m not red or blue, I just care about where I live and the people who live here.”

“Like a great many in my neighbourhood, I moved here from abroad and now call Kensington & Chelsea home,” says Sonia Mihelic, 49 years, mother of three, community volunteer, and a candidate for Advance Together.  “In Kensington & Chelsea, 24 per cent of people are EU citizens and yet I look at the Council and I don’t see anyone that looks or sounds like me or my European neighbours.”

“Bringing up my son in Kensington & Chelsea brought me close to my neighbours and community,” says Greg Prendergast, 38 years, single father, managing director and also a candidate for Advance Together.  “Seeing how under-represented our diverse community is at the Council made me want to stand.  And I don’t want to fight on behalf of a political party with its own agenda, I want to fight on behalf of the people in my street.”

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