5 easy ways to help your kids eat 5 a day with Farmdrop

Now summer is finally here, there are lots of fun and easy ways to include more fruit and veg in your family’s diet with the help of the best of the season’s beautiful produce.

We’re lucky that this time of year is where British fruit and vegetables really come into their own and pack a powerful punch in the taste and flavour department, having enjoyed soaking up plenty of sunshine and flourishing in the comfort of warmer temperatures. What’s even better is that with Farmdrop you can be assured that the fresh seasonal produce you’re enjoying has come direct from a local small-scale sustainable farm where the farmer also gets a much better financial deal (on average 75% of the selling price), because you’re buying direct.


Take David and Linda Deme for example who have been farming for nearly three decades at Chegworth Valley in Kent – they hold sustainable values at heart and grow organic fruit and vegetables with a lot of love. You can be assured that their British berries taste so lip-smackingly good because they’re lovingly grown to an organic ethos and picked only in the height of the summer months, so you get the juiciest, flavoursome raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. And not only that, but all of our produce travels for such a short time (from farmer to you door within 19 hours to be precise!), that the food arriving at your doorstep is five times fresher than that of the supermarket’s. Unlike them, we don’t have complex supply chain or expensive warehouses to pay for and we can offer you premium produce at supermarkets prices.

So with all that goodness mind, now’s a fantastic time to explore the exciting range of British fruit and vegetables ripe for plucking and picking. Here are our top tips and tricks to help you get to grips with enjoying eating your delicious five a day together (as well as a special offer to help you get started):

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  1. Have a breakfast fruit & veg fest

Add slices of banana, fresh berries, sultanas or some chopped dried apricot to porridge made with jumbo oats (these have had the least processing and are as natural as you can get). You can even enjoy a swirl of berry puree by simply whizzing fresh berries and drizzling into porridge or on top of yoghurt. Enjoy freshly grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on toast or try gently wilted spinach with fresh organic free range eggs in an omelette, topped with a scattering of micro herbs.


  1. Make it easy to get to

Having a fully stocked bowl of fresh fruit around really makes it easier when it comes to snacking temptations for little ones (and big ones alike). When peckish, youngsters will usually reach for whatever is nearby, so try keeping a bowl of the good stuff in the living room or even have washed fruit and veg chopped up and ready to eat in the fridge, ready to go.


  1. Get veggy at dinner time

Get into the swing of always having two different vegetables on the table at dinner time. Having them there will help everyone try new foods. Lightly parboil fresh broad beans and peas and try them alongside spinach – the sweetness and satisfying pop of the peas and beans should make a welcome contrast in texture and flavour to the spinach. Enjoy seasonal vegetables such as sugar snap peas, broad beans, courgettes, aubergines, and beetroot in soups, stews and casseroles and prepare them together.


  1. Prep snacks for family trips

Being out and about is a prime time for snacking. There’s lots of fun to be had with cucumber, celery and carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes! These fresh vegetables are super simple to prepare, keep well post-prep in the fridge and you’ll have lots of fun together dunking into homemade hummus or beetroot dips. Bring along seedless grapes and more berries for afters!


  1. Enjoy variety together

A good tip is to try to remember that it’s easy to enjoy the best of the season’s eatings if you learn via your tastebuds together as a family (this is the key!). Put aside a little time at meal times to talk about the beautiful range seasonal fruit and vegetables on your plate at different times of year. Marvel at colourful purple carrots and blue potatoes in winter together, the best-you-can-get asparagus and rhubarb you can get in spring and British berries and luscious leaves in summertime.


Tastebuds tingling? With Farmdrop you can get the freshest food from the best local producers delivered straight to your door. To get you started, Farmdrop have an exclusive offer for Kensington Mums readers. Use the code KENSINGTONMUMS at checkout to get £20 off your first order over £35.

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