Zippos Circus Review

We were delighted when Kensington Mums was invited to Zippos Circus new production OMG! Having fond childhood memories of the circus I secretly hoped my children would feel the same sense of excitement as I had as a child.
Spotting the old style big red and yellow top tent across the open green, the childrens faces lite up with delight.Parking was not an issue, for £1 you will be able to park on the green a few metres from the big top tent itself.Inside the big top, the atmosphere was lively with a sense of excitement. Once we were all comfortably seated cheerful music filled the tent, lights dimmed down, spotlights on and the acts follow in quick succession. Extraordinary aerial artiste, world famous comedy clowns, multi talented acrobats from Kenya, Odka ‘The girl in the bottle’ and the sensational ‘Wheel of death’ a genuine hair raising routine performed high above the circus ring.

Little children hearts melted to the sight of Speedy the clever little dog performing circus tricks as well as ‘Henry’ a cute miniature horse elegantly performing to music and a troop of budgies trained by the Ringmaster himself performing tricks on a miniature trapeze.

The highlight and the closing act “The Globe of Terror” Brazilian daredevil motorcyclists speeding inside a steel globe cage at over 60 miles per hour whilst the globe spits in two exposing all bikers to the utmost severe danger.
Watching in disbelief only one word popped into mind OMG!

Zippos circus is a great place to take your family for a fun and exciting show but as it is a traveling circus be prepared facilities are limited. There are very satisfactory Portaloos onsite with several cubicles but if you have a small child and require baby changing facilities this may not be suitable.

Zippo Circus is showing until October 2015. Click here for more information.