How To Help Your Child Fall In Love With Learning

fall in love with learning

Remember when your child used to come home from school ready to share what they learnt with you? From what sound a cow makes to which colours you need to mix together to get purple, learning used to be fun for them but then exams and homework got involved and unfortunately it all went downhill. There are, however, a few things you can do to help your child get even more excited about learning and as a result, have them do that much better at school.

fall in love with learning
Ask them what drives them

Help your child figure out what motivates them so that they can envision an end goal. This will be extremely useful for when they are struggling to see life beyond exams and homework. Ask them questions about their dream career, where they want to travel, maybe even what car they want to drive. Motivation is what a lot of students struggle with and so being able to link hard work with a positive outcome will assure them that it’s all worth it.

Immediate action point

Have your child write down what they want most in life and how learning will help achieve this – hang this up somewhere they will see it often.

Find out what type of learner they are

  • Not all children learn in the same way, help your child figure out how they learn best – this will make learning easier and more enjoyable for them. Research has suggested that there a few different types of learners.
  • Visual – they learn best by organizing information into images and maps so they can see how things link
  • Auditory – they learn best by hearing information being said out loud and through repetition – they like to listen to recordings and verbally relay information back.
  • Reading/Writing – they like to read and then write out what they took from the text through notes.
  • Kinesthetic – they like to learn through experience and bringing concepts to life e.g. through conducting experiments or performances.

fall in love with learning

Immediate action point

Test different learning techniques with your child and see what they enjoy best, remember that they don’t have to fit into a box. They may like doing a mixture of these things, the important thing to note is that there is no one or right way to learn.

  • Get them to engage with learning outside of the classroom
  • Searching YouTube or podcasts for talks on their subjects of interest – hearing professionals talk about subjects will ignite a passion and motivate them.
  • Look for books on their subject of interest – this will encourage them to learn more about the subject and exercise their mind through reading.
  • Look out for; events, talks, museums, exhibitions on their subjects of interests – being physically involved with the subjects will bring them to life.

Immediate action point

Use one of the above to help your child get engaged with learning outside of the classroom and have them discuss what they learnt with you afterwards.

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