Uspaah Review – Your Personal Spa Concierge

I cannot thank Uspaah enough for treating me to an afternoon of pamper and pure relaxation, just what I needed after a busy morning running errands in-between meetings and just 24 hours prior to a long flight.

Uspaah is a ‘high end, on demand, mobile SPA service in London’ perfect for busy mums, people with ‘hectic lives and refined lifestyles’. Uspaah only deliver highly professional and qualified beauty and health professionals, which I had the pleasure to recently experience personally in my home.

I started my pamper afternoon with a gel manicure and standard pedicure. The Spaahrista (the term Uspaah used for their beauticians, don’t you just love it?) arrived about 15 minutes before our appointment and kindly asked if it was ok for her to come in and prepare herself and all her things so that she could on time for our appointment.

Considering I had still to finish sending off some emails and packing before picking up my son from nursery that evening and rushing to an event, I very much liked the idea of starting ‘on the dot’.

In those 15 minutes, I got myself ready and made space for her to work comfortably in my living room. Veselina, my Spaahrista was wearing a lovely ‘Uspaah’ uniform top and all her towels and gear were branded ‘Uspaah’ as well, which gave me a SPA feel in my own home which I thought was a great touch.

The nail polish and products used for both my mani and pedi were ‘Jessica Cosmetics’, a brand I had never used before but would highly recommend since my first experience with Uspaah. The choice of nail varnish colours for both gel and standard treatment was great; there were over 20 colours to choose from. I really did feel like I was in a SPA, but in the comfort of my own home.

Veseline seemed a little shy to start with, which I found very normal. I personally think its quite difficult to turn up at someone’s home and just get on with your job without feeling a little uncomfortable. You are not in your comfort zone and can never be sure weather your client is up for a chat or just wants you to get on with the treatment while they get on with their things.

Slowly we got chatting, first trying to decide what the best nail varnish colour for my nails was and then talking a little about ourselves, our background and commenting on the love songs playing on the radio in the background.

All our chatting didn’t stop her from doing a great job, she was very friendly and professional at the same time and her attention to detail was impeccable which I really admired.

I decided to go for a bright pink colour on my feet but more of a natural white colour for my hands. All in all I was very pleased with both results.

As Veseline was finishing off, the doorbell rang, just on time; it was Kelly, the massage ‘Spaahrista’. I had a 60 minute pregnancy massage arranged, which I had been looking forward to for sometime. At 29 weeks pregnancy with my second baby I was starting to feel very tired and heavy. My lower back was struggling a little as well as my legs often cramping up on me. I am always on the go, weather it is pushing a pram while running errands or playing with my son in the park but I also exercise on a weekly basis. As much as all this helped, I knew that a good massage by a professional would have helped my circulation and make me feel better.

Kelly was also wearing a full Uspaah uniform and all the towels again had their branding logo on it, which I loved!  The treatment took place in my son’s room where Kelly set up her massage table. Before we started, Kelly asked me to fill in a form with my personal details and answer several medical condition questions. She then took out two Aroma Works body oils; one was for relaxation and the other detox. They both smelled divine!

I was happy using either but Kelly recommended the Relaxation oil for a pregnancy massage and I happily agreed.

Both oils are made with organic ingredients, ‘promoting relaxation and mental calm and are considered safe for pregnant and nursing women, as well as people who suffer from allergies. In fact, ‘Aroma World products are paraben free, sulphate free, silicone free, petrochemical free, mineral oil free, nut free, gluten & dairy free’. This was great for me.

Once I had filled in & signed a consent sheet and picked the oil, Kelly and I had a quick consultation chat on what kind of massage I was after.  I thought it was very professional of her to ask weather I wanted my belly to be massaged or touched during the treatment.

I don’t particularly like my belly to be massaged during a pregnancy massage so was happy that she asked to avoid any awkwardness later on during the treatment.

The massage was gentle and relaxing, just what I needed.

All together my experience with both therapists was very nice, they were both professional, polite and a pleasure to have in my home and they ended their ‘duties’ surprising me by leaving behind a tasty Ferrero Roche chocolate, what a treat!

Special Offer to Kensington Mums

Use code KM15, this entitles you to £15 off your first booking. Code is valid until November 30th 2015.

About the App; 

Clients request the Spaahristas in REAL time, so the system matches you with the nearest available pre-approved professional and they come to you within 1 hour!

Once a Spaahrista has accepted your job through the app, you get a push notification and you will see a screen with their picture, star rating and estimated time of arrival. After the treatment is finished, you would go to another screen, which asks you to rate them on a 5 star rating scale. 

Uspaah background and reference check each of the Spaahristas and perform full trade tests for the particular service they are performing. 

Don’t forget to download their App available on iTunes.