Top tips to avoid overwhelm this winter

It’s a new year and you’re all set to make this one amazing!

That sparkly new year’s resolution list is firmly stuck to your fridge door with pride and your eager to get moving with all your new plans!

Staring at the onslaught of 2020 find yourself wondering what to do first? Where to start? How to make it all work, and how will you fit it all in?!

Enter the mama overload.

With the millions of action-packed adventures for the kids and your; ‘must exercise every day and eat only salad’ the classic ‘new me’ routine.

Suddenly, that icky overwhelming feeling comes creeping in. Without a moment’s peace in sight your new and exciting plans are all feeling a bit too much!

Let’s face it, the chaos of all the festivities have left you feeling exhausted and less than fabulous.

Am I right?


Firstly, let’s talk about why your so frazzled?

Being the incredible mum that you are, you’re probably run yourself ragged making sure everyone else is happy, fed and having all the fun, yes?

Which is wonderful, and you’re doing a fantastic job!

Can I ask – When was the last time YOU took some intentional time out just for you and your well-being needs?


Replenish. Restore. Recharge.

With these easy to implement techniques you will be feeling healthy, energized and in control.

Keeping you feeling at your best while preventing unwanted overwhelm and stress.


Mindfulness is one of those incredible tools that once you master it, will bring you the most rewarding effects, especially as a mum dealing with life, kids and those millions of to do’s that are running around your head every second.

Helping you to declutter your thoughts and reduce the stress throughout your body. Leaving you in a much calmer, happier and balanced state of mind and body.

Try just 5 minutes, or more if you can, every day.

Try these techniques here


For some, journaling can be one of those things that can seem overwhelming, worrying about to write, but believe me, when you sit down with your journal and put pen to paper, the thoughts will flow.

Just simply write down everything that comes up. There are no rules.

Try doing this in the morning or evening for just a few minutes. This can help you to de- clutter your thoughts and clear your mind leaving you feeling much calmer and less stressed.

It’s a brilliant way to prevent overwhelm and replace any negativity with positivity.

Self-care plan

Create a plan for some you time.

Think manageable and achievable like:

  • Wednesday mornings while the kids are out – 30min quiet reading.
  • Tuesday evenings after bedtime – Long hot soak.

Having a routine is a really good way to instil positive habits resulting in improved health and wellbeing.

Predictability combats stress!

Remember, you have got this mama!

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Naomi Ella

I’m an Occupational Therapist and holistic life coach specialising in maternal wellness therapy.  I support women to reconnect with who they are in motherhood, finding balance, focus, purpose and motivation. So they can build confidence within and find focus and clarity for their direction. I promote mothers to adopt a healthy approach to positive wellness, enabling better function in their environment and their daily living experiences. A lot of the work I do is around the becoming of a mother and the impact of this for the woman.