Top 2017 Travel Destinations in the US and Caribbean

Today’s contributing article is by Jordan Rhodes who is a wife and mother of two living in Greenwich, CT. Travel is an important part of her life, like many of us so Jordan set out to find the most stylish and luxurious hotels and restaurants that also welcomed her rambunctious toddlers. Along the way, was born so that she could share her finds, report on current fashions for children and adults, and provide a wide variety of travel tips for families. An app is available in iTunes under Glimpse Guides, with the proceeds going to various charities related to each city launch.

Here at Kensington Mums HQ, we love discovering new places in this world, here is Jordan’ s story, hope it inspires your next holiday destination!

Four years ago when my first child was born, my husband and I vowed to never be one of “those” parents who give up on traveling just because it’s more difficult with children. I began researching which glamorous spots around the world were kid-friendly, and all of a sudden I had an idea for a website. is a great resource for family travel, and my goal is to help and encourage families to keep exploring, because there is nothing better for a child’s development than to experience new things. And getting a glimpse of other cultures will hopefully teach them compassion and understanding.

I have dozens of trips planned next year, and for you readers in England, I have created a glimpse of my top ten 2017 travel destinations in the U.S. and Caribbean. I hope you will consider making a visit to my side of the pond soon. Enjoy!

1) Nantucket

This charming island off the coast of Massachusetts is one of the most magical beach destinations imaginable. Cobblestone streets and historic homes converge with upscale restaurants, exceptional shopping, and quaint seaside boutique hotels.


2) Jackson Hole

Your family will thank you for taking them to the beautiful mountain town of Jackson Hole, where bison roam the landscape and some of the worlds best skiing in the winter, or hiking in the summer, can be found.


3) Harbour Island

There’s something immediately gratifying about any place that has the word “island” in it, and this destination in the Bahamas is truly a sight to behold. Pink, sandy beaches, quaint hotels and a glamorous crowd make this destination a no-brainer.


4) Aspen

This Colorado town is known for its celebrity visitors, which can make it an exciting destination for those with teenagers. But it also features stunning scenery and an unrivaled shopping and culinary scene.


5) New Orleans

Jazz street musicians, French inspired historic restaurants and old southern mansions make up just part of NOLA’s charm, plus our guide will help you decide which of the many activities are best suited for your family.


6) Los Angeles

Movie stars, beaches, Beverly Hills – what more could you ask for? Our LA guide launches early next year and features the best restaurants, shopping and experiences in this sun lover’s paradise.


7) San Francisco

After LA, why not hop up to San Francisco for a completely different California experience? There is no better city for foodies, and kids will love riding the street cars, ferries, and seeing the famous Golden Gate Bridge.


8) Turks & Caicos

One of the most popular Caribbean destinations, Turks & Caicos features warm  beaches, luxury resorts, famous faces and a laid-back atmosphere perfect for escaping the bustle of city life.


9) Palm Beach

This famous Florida playground for the wealthy is also a great beach destination for families, and an easy jump from London. Plus, it’s close to Disney World.


10) Charleston

There’s a reason why Charleston is constantly winning travel awards. It’s southern charm is intoxicating, with gorgeous historic mansions, a top-notch food scene, nearby beaches and endless activities for kids.

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