2019 is here and it is wonderful! Did you make any New Year’s resolutions last year? When did you make them on the stroke of midnight after a glass of fizz or two or quietly on reflection a few days after?

If you are making some you are in good company it’s an ancient tradition that goes back 3000 years to the Babylonians they made promises to the gods in order to get the year off to the right start.

These days its promises to ourselves; new routines to make, either a habit or behaviour to break or to make. It’s a great way to have a fresh start with good intentions and accomplish a new goal, especially if they are eating related after the excesses of Christmas and the holiday season!  They are all well and good in theory but how long do they last?

Top resolutions made in the UK in previous years have been to eat more healthily, exercise more and spend less money. All very easy to state and it’s one thing making resolutions as the clock strikes midnight on 31 December but it can be another thing keeping them so how do you keep yourself true to you New Year’s Resolutions and not give them up a week later?

12 top tips on how to make and keep your resolutions

  • Choose your moment to make them, consider what you are really trying to achieve and really think about them properly.
  • Write them down, you can refer back to them next year and if you feel you are losing direction it’s great to help with commitment and focus to look back at your list.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for them. If it’s based on a resolution from last year that didn’t quite happen think where it might have gone wrong and review what caused that and how you could do it differently.
  • Review your past year and look at the success that you did have and build on that.
  • Don’t have too many resolutions you are not a superhero and it’s impossible to be brilliant at everything!
  • Having a big long list of ways to make your life better and to improve is overwhelming (see above about superhero’s!). So maybe focus on 1 or 2 really important ones and then have the rest as ongoing goals – nice to haves.
  • Instead of just making vague statements try making direct goals that motivate you. (see our list below). You need to want to do this so mindset plays a vital role!
  • Figure out what might be preventing you from successfully achieving your resolution and think of a way round it, for example if you want to read more but can’t find the time try audible books.
  • Tell everyone what you are doing and why. Accountability is the biggest thing in achieving new goals or breaking a habit, if it’s a new hobby or sport – try and find someone to do it with you.
  • Divide your resolutions into home and work and then categorise as: priorities, goals, dreams and inspiration.
  • Don’t give up if you have a blip. If you don’t manage to keep them up for a day or a week or a month just accept that you had a blip (that’s what humans do!) and move on!
  • Make some family resolutions. Get the children to make some resolutions and write them down it’s a great time to get them to look at their personal development and set new goal, try a new sport or hobby or even get them helping around the house – making a packed lunch, tidying the laundry… win-win!

Looking for inspiration on what resolutions to make?

How about these?

So, you want to

Eat better
Look at what you are eating and focus on a particular goal rather than a vague general eat better.

Spend less time online

Think about a digital detox and be more present and read our article on having a digital curfew! on 15 ways to enjoy being offline! here on !

Exercise more
Find an exercise that you enjoy. Make it more focused if for example you want to run a specific distance make yourself accountable and sign up for a charity fundraiser. Think what you enjoy doing and take it from there.

Spend less money
Want to spend less money? Set a goal to save up for something focusing your efforts otherwise you can’t measure what you have achieved.

Have more time for you
Want to practice better self-care and try some new hobbies Read our article here

Change your career?

Getting a new job or changing career is always high on the list, that’s a big resolution and needs planning, if you can’t figure out what it is you want to do consider a life coach talk to friends.

Change a habit

Changing the habit of a lifetime like giving up smoking is hard but not impossible; but you need to look at the pay off and why you are doing it. Visualising yourself without your habit and giving yourself a reward for achieving it is great motivation!

Get organised and sort out the house

Define what it is you want to organise and break it down into smaller projects room by room Any organising needs to start with a plan and a declutter. Finally, remember the old Chinese proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

January 17th is ditch the resolutions day. Can you make it beyond that date? Let us know how you get on!