The top 20 lockdown hobbies and past times


With Lockdown giving people time and the desire to discover new hobbies and me time, a recent survey from Brits by Dr. Oetker Momenti, the pizza-for-one reveled that influencers such as Joe Wicks inspire Brits to take up new healthy hobbies ranging from workouts to mindfulness during the lockdown period.

Cooking, home workouts, mindfulness, meditation and even vlogging are among the top hobbies that Brits have used to entertain themselves – and improve their self-care and wellbeing – during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown.

In fact, 19 per cent of Brits have tried a home workout for the first time since the lockdown began on 23 March 2020.

Dr. Oetker Momenti, discovered more about the hobbies and pastimes the nation has adopted to entertain themselves during the Covid-19 lockdown; overwhelmingly, the results show calorie-burning exercise and enjoying mental wellbeing are the top choices.  Kensington Mums also shared 7 tips to stay happy healthy and sane during lockdown  finding fitness was definitely one of those things.

The pizza-for-one brand discovered that the top 10 lockdown hobbies were cooking and baking, gardening, reading, DIY and home improvements, home workouts, gaming, running, hairdressing, mindfulness and painting.

Thirty-eight per cent said that making some time for themselves via a hobby has been key to their mental wellbeing during the lockdown. We found some other ways to help with mental heath during the pandemic, click here to read more.

When it comes to hobbies specifically for relaxation and stress relief during the lockdown, Brits have taken up a wide range of self-care activities. Seventy-two per cent have walked their way to relaxation, a fifth opted to listen to podcasts, 18 per cent tried adult colouring books, 14 per cent upped their skincare game and seven per cent took up journaling.

The top 20 lockdown hobbies and past times

  1. Cooking and baking (69%)
  2. Gardening (50%)
  3. Reading (48%)
  4. DIY and home improvements (41%)
  5. Home workouts (40%)
  6. Gaming (30%)
  7. Running (18%)
  8. Hairdressing (17%)
  9. Mindfulness (15%)
  10. Painting (14%)
  11. Yoga (13%)
  12. Meditation (12%)
  13. Sewing (11%)
  14. Learning a new language (10.95%)
  15. Writing (9.60%)
  16. Sketching (8.00%)
  17. Knitting (7%)
  18. Trying new beauty looks (6%)
  19. Pilates (5%)
  20. Vlogging (2%)