The importance of me time for mothers

Will 2019 be the year you give more time to yourself?

Thinking about what resolutions to make for 2019? Could making your own self-care and having more me-time be a priority? It’s vital to have me time (time for yourself) for your own wellbeing, happiness and mental health. Keeping you happy and healthy so that you can give to others. Often, we forget about prioritising ourselves and our needs in between the endless round of children’s school and social activities. Looking after family and add in work commitments and it often feels like there are no hours left (unless you count staying up till midnight just to get some time alone!).  Our busy lives mean that we have less than a handful of hours per week so make them count!

It’s hard to look after ourselves in the winter because we are fighting against our natural instincts. In the winter, we often just want to stay in and snuggle down and keep warm. We are evolutionally programmed to adjust to the seasons and hunker down and stay safe and warm by the fire in the winter, just as our ancestors the caveman did. We behave as though the seasons don’t matter, but if we listen to our minds and bodies then it actually makes it easier for our own self-care.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup”

How do we make the time to look after ourselves and have our ‘me time’?

What is stopping us from having our me time? Apart from the lack of time, is it the guilt of having some time to yourself and not spending it with your children or partner or feeling like you should be working or doing jobs? Don’t feel guilty for just taking some time to sit and read or do something just for you. From five minutes with a cup of tea to that yoga class that you really want to do that you were hoping to squeeze in or going for a quick walk or run.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for having more me-time.

  1. Schedule your me time and plan it just like you would a dentist appointment. Put your yoga class or your hour to yourself in the diary as an appointment that can’t be moved or cancelled.
  2. Decide what you need to fuel your wellbeing. Is it a run twice a week, a pedicure a spa trip? Time with your friends, curling up with a book you’ve wanted to read for ages? More ideas here!
  3. Tell your mummy friends and spread the word for “me time”, it is fuel not a luxury! Let them know you are taking the time for yourself and don’t feel guilty for it. You’ll probably find your friend feels the same way…
  4. Don’t take the time for yourself at midnight. Plan your me time so that it isn’t detrimental to you and make sure you aren’t last on the list. Make it happen.
  5. Think about the barriers that might prevent you from taking your me time. Or is there a habit that is using up your time, Hint: look at how much time you spend online is it time for a digital detox or digital curfew?
  6. Learn how to say No (nicely of course!); don’t over commit if you can’t fit it in then don’t. Everyone will always find things to fill your time with!
  7. Switch off your phone (think about an app that measures your time using it) don’t let it use up your precious time. Consider using your phone less and being more present – read our tips here.
  8. Don’t let other people make you feel guilty for taking time for yourself; you know what you need for your wellbeing
  9. Take advantage of the dead time, when you are commuting or in the car. If you want to read more think about audible books.
  10. Me time is a necessity not selfish, even 5 minutes with a cup of tea counts!

So, make a resolution that your future self will thank you for. Make sure that you aren’t last on the list. Taking time for yourself should not result in guilt. Me time is fuelling your wellbeing and is not a luxury.  When you make time for yourself and fulfil your needs you can then look after everyone else; your children, your partner, your work. You can’t give to others if you don’t give to yourself first!

Remember, Happy you = Happy children.