Take Time for Yourself

With the festive season behind us, it is now time to think about how we can make the new year bigger, better and brighter. As mothers, we often don’t put our needs first. There is always something or someone else that takes priority in our never-ending to-do list. As a result, we tend to disconnect from our own Self. So, how about spending some quality time with YOU as a 2018 resolution? Here are some top tips:

  1. Acknowledge that you deserve some time off
  2. Choose one hour next week which will be about no one else but you
  3. Let your family know the time and date you are taking off in advance, so they can arrange their survival plan
  4. Don’t let anything get in the way (it’s only 60 minutes after all)
  5. When the time comes, leave the house and try something new—like yoga.

A yoga practice blends body and mind—a time for you to reconnect, recover and re-energize. As unthinkable or even indulgent as it may sound, especially to super busy mums, taking a little time to nurture yourself can reap huge benefits on your mood and your energy levels. Even if you are drained, you will feel better after a few sun salutations and as a result, you will be a better mum and spouse when you go back home. It’s time to create space for something new in your life!

About our contributor

Sarah has been practising yoga for several years. Her interests in self-development led her to embrace the Power Yoga teachings of Baron Baptiste. Ready to share her own experience with others, she completed her yoga teacher training with The House of Yoga in Putney. Sarah teaches on Saturday morning in Fulham and South Kensington. Her classes offer a deeper understanding of self and an on-going commitment to self-growth. Always with a smile and positive energy. Visit Sarah’s website or email her directly to learn more [email protected].