Raising bi or tri-lingual children?

Taken as its National Storytelling week (27th January- 3rd February 2018), we wanted to share with you the benefits of learning a foreign language and reading for your children.

One Third Stories makes language learning as simple as reading a story. They create beautifully illustrated children’s books that start in English and ends in either French or Spanish. Aimed at kids aged 4-9, they are delivered to your doorstep as part of a monthly subscription box that also includes an audiobook narrated by a native speaker and an activity book with games and resources to reinforce the learning.

Their stories have been described as ‘the hidden vegetables of language learning’ and you can get £10 off any subscription with the special discount code KENSINGTONMUMS.

Reading to your children, allows them to grow their imagination, exercises their brains to ask questions, improves concentration and most of all its fun! Make it part of your bedtime routine.

We share with you one of our favourite quotes from Dr Seuss.


Thank you One Third Stories for gifting us a box.