Tablet and Phone Pillow Stand by SLYK | Review

We have the amazing opportunity to review SLYK Pillow Stand. This brand new brand SLYK makes state of the art elegant and beautiful products that are expertly designs and engineered as they made the products that we use on a daily basis be more practical and robust. Simultaneously stylish, sleek, as its name implies, and practical, all products are skilfully engineered, easy-to-use, long lasting, and crafted to complement your home décor.

As they say “hand-held” will become “hand-free” and this I can vet on  this ever since I started using their SLYK pillow stand, I no longer needed to hold onto my iPad.

This stand is truly a wonderful addition to the many gadgets we have today to make our daily activity more comfortable and l practical therefore less stressful.

Probably I would have bought something similar to this given that the lives we are leading nowadays due to this pandemic, have forced us into this seclusion, where we try everything to be more comfortable while working, playing games, reading, or watching movies. Now I know I need the SLYK stand, an awesome creation that provides a secure stand for iPads, smart phone and tablets. So versatile it can be used everywhere, you only need a pillow or a cushion at hand. When secured by its adjustable strap to any size cushion or pillow it is the best stand to hold your device. It is really convenient as if you don’t have a pillow or cushion at hand it can still be used without it as it will stand on a desk or any flat surface after you fold the strap. Most important your hands are free which gives the advantage you can make notes on a pad, be on the phone, snack, hold a mug with your favourite drink, or even a glass of wine, plus many other things, and still you will have your device sitting nice and upright in front of you. It cannot get better than this.
As it is so easy to strap around a pillow or cushion even children can safely use it for their devices. My son even uses it when it is his screen time and works wonders as he can watch the iPad from a distance and I don’t need to hold it!

We highly recommend the Slyk stand as a must have to add to all or useful modern devices and gadgets which make our lives easier.

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Please check out their other products as they are an established British company based in London that have beautiful state of the art device stands and Apple certified charging stations that will enable the smarter way of family living. The range includes five elegant designs, enabling hands-free use of your smartphone and tablet in every room in your home.