Supporting Best Beginnings

Kensington Mums is proud to be supporting Best Beginnings at our second Family Christmas Fair in Kensington on Sunday 27th of November 2016.

Best Beginnings is a growing national charity working to reduce birth inequalities and give all children the best start in life, whatever their background. They focus on the period from conception right up to a child’s third birthday, as this is the critical window of opportunity for maximising a child’s physical, emotional, language and developmental needs. Evidence shows that a healthy pregnancy and supported, confident parenting are greater factors in social mobility and school readiness than income or background. It is vital that parents are shown the tools to facilitate their babies’ healthy development and they provide an important link between parents and front line healthcare professionals to support this process. To achieve their aims, they develop engaging, evidence-based digital and other resources which are free to parents and professionals throughout the UK.

In collaboration with parents, healthcare professionals, royal colleges and other charities and health organisations they have created more than 200 engaging and transformative videos in which parents and professional share stories and signpost support. Their content is verified best practise and now available in their multi award winning free app, Baby Buddy.

Here is a recent feedback from a young mum, “This app has literally been a life saver! I know you can find everything on google these days but it can’t be trusted! So this app gives me everything I need to know without googling it. It also thinks about the mum not just the baby as most apps are all about baby and not mother and it reminds me it is ok to take time for myself away from Thomas (my little boy)”


Earlier this year Best Beginnings was chosen by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to partner with seven other charities in a campaign to change the conversation around mental health in the UK and to remove the stigma which prevents people from seeking the help they need as early as possible. Perinatal mental health can have a lasting impact on our children. Some women feel that if they seek help, it may be a poor reflection on their ability to take care of their babies. This is simply untrue. Furthermore there is a terrible pressure on women to be what is deemed as the “perfect mum” and for some that pressure can be exhausting and isolating. They are really hoping to shift things.


Best Beginnings welcomes your support to enable us to make a difference for future generations by continuing to offer free resources to parents and giving training and support to professionals. We also hope to develop our resources in response to the growing needs of the parents and professionals who use them.

You can help make that difference