Support Sexual Equality by backing up women!

When we think about May usually our mind goes straight to mums, some of you may say spring, others mental health awareness, we found out we can also say Masturbation Month.

Yes, May is also fully dedicated to women’s pleasure and the importance of self-love. That’s what Virgina, cofounder of pureeros told us “I wish all mothers out there for this Mother’s Day to find more time on their own, to enjoy their body without complaining too much on it, and to never stop feeling like a woman with desire and needs. Being a mum is live changing, but mums don’t quit on being women when they deliver a baby”.

Education, equality and empowerment are at the core of pureeros, which provides an e-boutique and online magazine dedicated to women’s sexuality.

Sexual Equality: what’s missing?

From women is not easy to fully embrace their right to have an healthy and pleasurable sexual life – says Virginia – it’s not because we are broken, it’s because our sexuality has been thought wrong since the beginning of time. Most of what our culture teaches us about women’s sexuality is men’s sexuality lite – basically the same but not quite as good. We will never get to real equality if we keep leaving sexuality out of the conversation.

The key for sexual equality to happen is an open, honest and reliable education on sexuality, which is what pureeros does with a team of Sex Therapists like Kate Molye and Silva Neves, which we saw recently on BBC three with Sex on The Couch.

What defines high quality sex education?

Inclusion, diversity and unbiased knowledge.

Even though UNESCO has recently published new guidelines for teaching modern sex education women’s sexuality is not applied properly. We must go beyond safe sex and ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy when it comes to the role women play during sex.

Body diversity (genital body shame affects young women, with an increase of labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons by 45% in young women), correct female anatomy (⅓ of books do not even mention the clitoris which is the center of women’s pleasure), sexual acts that are not penetration-focused (more than 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax), teaching relationship in general, respect for yourself and others, consent, the difference between porn and real sex, the important role of masturbation should be included.

When women will be thought to appreciate their body and love it, to experience pleasure with no shame and to feel powerful in owning their sexuality, we’ll get to sexual equality.  

What’s going on to change things?

To some extent the status of women’s sexuality is experiencing today a paradox: on one side a powerful and empowering movement is pushing boundaries and talking about the importance of female pleasure – pureeros is the first company to be accepted on Crowdcube, the biggest equity crowdfunding platform now raising funds starting from £10, vaginas have appeared on tv with Laura Dodsworth’s documentary dedicated to women’s sexuality, Netflix SexEducation serie has been streamed by over 40 million viewers within its first month of release and it’s now shooting season 2.

On the other side, in the everyday world, the government cuts funds for sexual health clinics, which results in even less possibilities for women to get help when it comes for example to sexual dysfunctions – men can treat erectile dysfunction with a pill, women can’t – and last research shows 51% of women had experienced at least one sexual problem for three months or longer in the previous year. The scientific community still discriminates women’s sexual dysfunctions compared to men’s – we have on average 3 researches on women’s sexual dysfunctions every 10 made for men’s.

“We want to be there for women when it comes to sexuality with the knowledge that will empower them to make conscious choices, to feel better in their bodies, to feel entitled to a happy sex life no matter the age and with the best products for their sexual health, which includes pleasure. Crowdfunding democratize investments so we opened the doors of pureeros to allow everybody to invest in their pleasure and support sexual equality. This is part of our way to give women a choice, and there is probably no better time that Masturbation Month for that.”