Storychest, your digital album

I first came across Storychest when I had my daughter. Social media expose children a lot and I wanted something a bit more private.

For a bit of background Storychest is a private digital memory box for families, for fun times, key moments and milestones, where you can keep everything perfectly organised, and easy to access to.

They have numerous features, you can use photos and videos, scan in physical items, capture some details and tell the story behind them. The part I’ve loved the most is: you choose who you share your stories with, relatives, closest friends or you can just create an album you keep for future generations to discover. All your pictures are stored safely in the cloud, you can retrieve your favourite memories whenever you want.

Storychest’s founder is Charlotte McMillan. Her ideas was to capture all the great memories created by her family. Having accidentally deleted the baby photos of her third boy (every parent’s nightmare), she was also grappling with what to do with the piles of stuff a young family accumulates – kids’ artwork and other precious keepsakes, torn between the desire to clear them out and the guilt of ushering out their precious childhoods. Then she realised that there had to be an easier way to help families to capture, organise their memories and  share the best bits with family but in a private way that social media didn’t deliver.

That’s what Storychest is all about. Provide families a safe place to capture and share great memories, in a private way. It can be used by anyone who wants a place to record their memories and share wider family stories: pictures of grandparents, family memories which are told around the dinner table, to keep safe from generation to generation.

When you share, you don’t share only an album, you have also the possibility to add a narrative around a selection of photos and videos, so that you can remember the details of each album. What I’ve really liked was that with Storychest you can also collaborate and build a story with friends and family, for example at family get-togethers and weddings, it’s great when you add other people’s account of the same event you all attended. I’ve found it useful for holidays and have even share an itinerary of a family trip.

It is just perfect for those who love to share pictures with friends and family without exposing my life on social media. If you want to share a special moment on Facebook or Whatsapp you still have the option to email the story or post it.

Storychest sees technology as a valuable part of modern life, reinforcing family bonds with all the happy memories and stories. Its their core values are what drives it and they believe in keeping family ties strong, building communities and using tech as a force for good.

To conclude, it’s a freemium model which give customers a free trial where they can add stories for free (up to 25), and then they can become a subscriber for only £2.99 per month. There’s no advertising and there’s absolutely no sharing of your data. Storychest is conscious of consumer choice and gives people control of their personal data.

So if you are convinced like me, give it a go and dowload their app click here.