Skin Awareness – Get Your Moles Checked & Mapped at Cadogan Clinic

While time in the sun always seems fun, the reality is that too much sun can be damaging to your skin. For those of us with freckles and moles, it’s hard to tell when a new (and potentially deadly) one surfaces. Tap the bell to arrange an appointment to get your moles checked and mapped.

Most of us will have moles on numerous areas of our bodies that pose absolutely no threat to our health. However, if any are a cause for concern they can easily be removed through routine treatments such as excision or with Cryotherapy.

For moles that appear in good health removal is unnecessary, but it’s recommended to keep track of your moles to ensure that any which have changed shape, size or colour and may be a sign of malignancy, can be detected early. Receiving a high quality and accurate skin check is vital, as melanoma won’t give you a second chance!

Great news, Mole Mapping is now available at Cadogan Clinic! This revolutionary Mole Mapping service unique to Cadogan Cosmetics involves using photography to monitor and diagnose moles and skin cancer.

The Cadogan Clicin is the only clinic to offer the Fotofinder system for full body Mole Mapping to monitor any ‘at risk’ moles.

This digital Mole Mapping system offers greater accuracy and allows efficient monitoring and diagnosis of any at risk moles or other conditions.

Coupled with rapid diagnostic services – including 24-hour histology results and our “see & treat” service for mole removal, you can be guaranteed that the Cadogan Clinic is the best choice for accurate and quick diagnosis and treatment.

Rest assured, you’re in expert hands at the Cadogan Clinic and our Mole Mapping has recently been featured in the press! Cadogan Clinic dermatologist Dr. Alexis Granite was named ‘Best for Sun Damage’ in Tatler’s prestigious Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2015. Tatler said: “She has expertise in general and cosmetic dermatology, with a focus on skin cancer and mole screening, and offers mole mapping with a new computer-based machine… She’s also hot on inflammatory skin disorders and has a special interest in women’s dermatology. Her American patients want her home- but we’re not giving her back!”

Mole Mapping Offer for Kensington Mums

Celebrating the launch of the UK’s only full body imaging system for mole detection and the perfect skin check before summer we are offering a ‘launch’ special which includes mole mapping and a consultation with a consultant dermatologist.  Just £300! All you need to do is quote ‘KensingtonMums’ when booking.

Time for a mole check? Call 0808 252 8699 for more information or email [email protected]


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