Ring in the New Year with THIRD EAR

THIRD EAR is a stylish meditation and mindful living app, with a focus on the powerful effect of sound on the human mind. It soothes both adults and children’s minds, and helps toddlers to go to sleep as well as developing an interest in music.  

THIRD EAR was realised by celebrated sound healer and meditation teacher Leo Cosendai, and features an extensive and varied library of his gong sound baths, mantras, breathing exercises, and mindful meditations. 

The app enables you to create your own sound & mindfulness sanctuary, or allows you to ask the genie to select a meditation depending on your mood & activity. It’s  a piece of peace wherever you are.

The app has a personalised user friendly approach, with a simple layout and varied content without the feeling there are mountains to climb. It is engaging, accessible to all,  and makes meditation an experience, rather than a learning process, all through the soothing sound waves. 

Start meditating with ease, and in style today by signing up at http://www.thirdear.com
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*Compatible with iPhones, iPad, iPods