Bronze Your Body

If there is one thing I love about summer it is working on a nice tan – But this year, things would be different, and not just because the sun in London doesn’t often show up but because I’m pregnant & pregnancy makes me more sensitive to heat and the idea of sunbathing just doesn’t appeal to me.

Going on a sunbed is not safe for your skin and definitely not an option especially during pregnancy and spray tan has never really appealed to me. I have tried it once and the orange look didn’t suit me AT ALL.  So I gave up and accepted that this year would be a ‘pale’ one for me. That was until Monica Anderson from Bronze Your Body got in touch with Kensington Mums introducing us to the new Luxury spray tan, Vita Liberata.

I had previously heard about Vita Liverata as many celebrities use the luxury brand. In fact, Hollywood A- listers Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Palthrow, Jennifer Lopez, to name just a few, have all converted to the spray-tanning brand.



I was intrigued but concerned, was this safe for my bump and me? Monica kindly took the time to go through the product ingredients with me. She also put me in touch with the Vita Liberata head office for more details to reassure me of Vita Liberata’s credentials as Certified Organic, Paraben and Toxin Free ingredients.

As Vita Liberata is a nontoxic formulation it is safe to use on pregnant women after the first trimester, and safe in the first trimester with a Doctors written okay. However, it is important to note that, due to hormone level changes in the body, clients may sometimes experience a different depth of colour than normal and the life of tan maybe be slightly shorter than if you arent pregnant. A List of ingredients is always available upon request.

My appointment was at 2pm on a Friday. Monica instructed me to shower and exfoliate the night before or the same morning and not to use any moisturizer or wear any deodorant, which could affect the spray tan. Regarding what to wear, she advised to wear loose, dark clothing keeping in mind that I wouldn’t want to shower for 6-8 hours after the spray tan was applied in order to obtain best results.

I headed to meet Monica in her beautiful flat in the heart of Chelsea. She welcomed me with a lovely cup of jasmine tea, which I sipped while we chatted and got to know each other a little. I was curious to know about her background, her relationship with the sun and sunbathing and what had converted her to spray tan and why this  ‘Vita Liberata’ was so much better than the other spray tan products on the market. Monica, a Luxury tanning specialist worked in the beauty industry as a licensed Esthetician since 2010 and took special interest in Skin Care and UV Free tanning industries, after spending countless time and money herself to reverse the damage and aging of years of tanning in the sun and UV sunbeds. With recent advancements in UV free tanning, Monica has dedicated herself to giving others sun kissed glow they all desire without any of the damaging side effects.

Being pregnant I had already expressed my concern about using certain products on my body and bump but I was reassured, once again that ‘Vita Liberata’ spray tan product was made of organic natural ingredients safe for pregnancy and after getting to know Monica a little, I knew I was in good and safe hands. Now my worry was overcome by excitement that I was going to get a tan without having to lie in the sun for hours and days during my holidays.

While we chatted, I looked around. I was curious to know where I was going to have the treatment done and that’s when Monica got up and said ‘let me set everything up for you’. In less than a minutes Monica came back with a big black pop-up tent, a little towel to go under my feet and feet pads for the tan. In very little time her living room had become a professional spray tan salon.



She offered me disposable underwear, hairband and cap. She followed by applying a barrier  ‘protection ‘cream on the palm of my hand, elbows, knees and toes explaining that some drier parts could over develop the colour.

I was now ready for the ‘Spray’. Monica warned me that the spray would be a little cold and explained to me how I had to stand with my arms and legs well apart one from the other and turn when she instructed me to. I had opted to go for full body and face so she reminded me to close my eyes and hold my breath when she reached my face.

The actual spray was a little chilly but surprisingly pleasant on that humid sticky day. I noticed there was no smell to it, which was one thing I remembered quite strongly from the other spray tan I had tried years before.

My full body was sprayed within few minutes, not longer than 5.

When the spraying was over Monica handed me some hand wipes to clean the palms of my hands and then with a ‘mitten’ started patting my body to make sure the colour was even throughout.

I looked at myself in the mirror and was AMAZED! I was so tanned! It looked like I had just come back from an exotic holiday destination.

*These images are provided by Bronze your Body and not of the session I had.

This product would normally give you a tan that lasts about 10 days and since I was going on holiday, Monica kindly gave me a Self-tanning Moisturizing Mask and an Untinted Self Tan Gel to help maintain the tan along the way.

When I got home, several hours after the treatment I started noticing that my tan was great but my chin area was getting slightly darker than the rest of my face. Something didn’t look quite right. I then remembered what had been said before I had the tan applied. The Chin area is a very hormonal part of the body and therefore was possible that part was over developing the colour. I called Monica who immediately reassured me and instructed me to tap that area with a clean tissue until I was happy with the colour, and so I did. She was also in touch with head office that confirmed that was the best thing to do.  The colour faded a little which made me not worry about it anymore and as time went by the colour stabilised with the rest of my face and body.

All my clothes needed washing and I used some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt to go to sleep expecting to wake up with a very dirty bed due to the tan leaking on my bed and pillow sheets. In the morning I was happily surprised, my clothes and sheet were clean and I was ready to shower.

In the shower I saw the tint fade away, I was curious to see how much of that was my actual tan leaving as well and more than anything I wanted to see the results of my face.

Monica has recommended patting my body with a towel after the shower from now and so I did and the results were impressive. I had a natural looking tan and on my face it was just as even as I hoped and expected.

Weather you are looking to give your body a tanned base ready for a holiday in the sun, a tan for the night or a top up after the holiday, I highly recommend Vita Liberata. Vita Liberata is the ‘quick & easy’ way to looking amazing for busy mums and bumps on the go.  And even more I would recommend Monica Anderson, she is a specialist in the field and comes to you as mobile luxury skin finisher for bespoke spray tanning. She is great to work with, very professional and also, when needed, her customer service was impeccable.

Prices are £45 for single spray or you can purchase a block of 3 for £115.00 when quoting ‘KensingtonMums’ which beings the price down to about £38 each. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Monica directly via email [email protected] or check her website for more information.