An easy guide to potty perfection this Summer

This week’s featured post* comes from Kerry Secker (NNEB) who is a parenting advisor at Kerry Cares Parenting.  Potty training is something we all go through in our motherhood journey. Here Kerry shares with us top tips on potty training perfection. Kerry can support and advise in all parenting areas, not just toilet learning and the challenges parents may face.

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Summer has finally arrived and lots of parents are planning their toilet learning. Here is Kerry’s easy guide to getting your little ones using the potty this summer. Good luck to all the Mammas out there who are all going through it!



Tell-tale signs that your child may be ready to use the toilet are:

 Taking an interest in your toilet habits so take them with you when you go to the toilet and talk toilet.

You notice their nappy is dryer for longer periods.

Showing an awareness when they are going.

Telling you they have done something or ask to be changed.

Taking their nappy off or showing discomfort when they need a change.

Wanting to wear  pants.


Let them select their own pants and potty.

Buy a good toilet seat, I recommend one that is adjustable, snug and sturdy.

Choose toilet words you are comfortable with, these words will be used loudly and with frequency.

Plenty of old clothes, trousers that you can get up and down easily, wet wipes tissues, pants and carrier bags in every room,car and buggy are a must.

A towel or dry mat on the car seat and buggy are lifesavers.

A small potty or the “pottette” are a must for outings.

A good place to start is to encourage them to sit on the toilet or potty just before bath time.



Consistency is key. Once the pants are out keep them on!

Carry on with your usual daily routine just take plenty of spare pants, clothes, carrier bags, wipes and a mobile toilet with you.

Try to keep pants on  allowing them to experience what it feels like to be wet/dirty.

Take your Childs lead so they take the initiative. Try to wait until you can see signs they need to go.

If they have start to pee, take them to the toilet and encourage them to sit talking about what is happening.

Keep it all calm, light and positive.

If they sit on the toilet or potty but don’t produce anything still praise them.

Don’t be tempted to nag and take them to the toilet every 5 minutes.

Never force a child to sit on the toilet or potty.

Praise, praise and more praise when they manage it.  Just not too loudly as once I squealed in delight so loudly making them jump out of their skin and nearly off the toilet!

False Starts

Accidents are unavoidable, WILL happen when learning to use the potty and are all part of the learning process.

My top accident tips are:

Remain completely calm.

Never discipline a child for having an accident.

Take them to the toilet/potty and talk about what needs to go where.

Get them to help take off their wet things and put dry pants on with lots of talk about wet and dry.


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