Raw Parenthood Membership


We are happy to share with you, that we have collaborated with Dr Maryhan Baker, our in-house expert contributor

We would like to introduce Maryhan to you, so you can get to know her a little more and about her new raw parenting membership.

Over to Maryhan…

I am Dr Maryhan, an experienced parenting coach and psychologist, as well as a mother to two teenagers. For over 15 years I have been supporting children, teens and young adults who have anxiety, low confidence, or who struggle to manage their big emotions. It is my wholehearted belief, given the right strategies and tools, children and teens can become their best selves and reach their full potential.

My desire to reach out further has led me to create my own membership service, RAW Parenthood, which is based on a small monthly, or one-off annual subscription, to access my expertise.

The subscription service is just as much me as my one to one practice work, and it’s my way of providing you with my help and expertise, whilst also juggling my own family commitments as a full- time mum.

Parenting is very different now than it was fifty, twenty or even ten years ago. We live in a demanding modern world and we are facing new challenges as parents. We live further apart. Parents and children are busier and there is greater pressure on getting parenting ‘perfect’. This membership site has been built by me to help you navigate parenting in the modern era. I want you to have resources at your fingertips so that you can build healthy roadmaps that are appropriate for all your family’s needs.

Membership to RAW Parenthood gives you the following each month:

As a special bonus to Kensington Mum’s when you sign up to RAW Parenthood you will receive a free 30-minute video conference call with Dr Maryhan to talk through the challenges you’re currently facing in your family.